Action Really Speaks Louder Than Words?

Words are not only for communication. Words can act as weapons. These weapons can hurt more than physical weapons. Suppose somebody injures you physically. You can get that treated. But if somebody hurts your heart with words, you can never get treated.

No amount of counseling will make you the same person again. You will stop believing in humanity and your outlook may change forever.

Every relationship works on words. Unless you tell someone that you love him/her, he/she will not get the message. Mere body language conveys little. It is the words that are the final act. Similarly if somebody spews hatred on you, the words will hurt you if you don't deserve that. Any word that is not deserved hurts badly -especially if such words come out of the mouth of your partner in any argument. Sometimes we speak without realizing the hurt we are giving to the other person. The flow of arguments and our emotions makes us forget that we are talking to a human being with a heart.

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