Behavioral Job Interview Questions

Employers are always looking for certain attributes in their employees and use behavior based questions to dig deeper. Here are some common behavioral interview questions you are likely to be asked:

  • Describe an instance when you were faced with problems or stress at work that tested your limits. What did you do? 
  • Give an example of a situation when you had to use be relatively quick in coming to an important decision. 
  • Give an example of the most rude and irrational person you have had to deal with. How did you handle the situation? How could you have handled it differently? 
  • What was the biggest conflict you resolved during your last job? What was the conflict and what steps did you take to solve the problem? What steps did you take to ensure that the situation did not repeat itself? 
  • What has been your most successful accomplishment? What were the objectives? 
  • Give an example of when you felt you were able to build motivation in your co-worker and subordinates. 
  • Give an example when you had to use your investigative skills to gain information required to solve a problem. How did you analyze the problem to come up with the solution? 
  • Give an example of a goal you set and how you went about achieving it. 
  • What is the most unpleasant task you have been asked to do? What was the task and what was your response? 
  • Give an example of an existing procedure you had to modify. What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them? 
  • How do you get along with your co-workers? Sum up your interpersonal and team building skills. 
  • Think back to a project that you are most proud of. Who worked with you on the project? How was this project special and what was the feedback? 
  • Give an example of a situation when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to complete a task. 
  • Describe a common problem you would have faced on a job and how you would go about solving it? 
  • Describe of a time when there was a change in business priorities in your organization? How did you cope with this change in company strategy and how did you bring your team on board?

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