Clues that he's into you

By this point in your love life you've probably figured out that women are better communicators than men are… or at least women communicate a lot more. To be honest, sometimes women talk too much! So lesson number one is not to judge or think ourselves superior because of our gift to gab!

Just because a guy won't always say how he feels, doesn't mean he isn't telling you. Take a look at his actions. After all, there's a reason for that old saying!

So while "commitment," "girlfriend," "love" and "marriage" may not be rolling off his tongue, don't abandon hope! Here are eight action-oriented tip offs that your guy's digging you:

1. He calls for absolutely no reason.

2. He assumes you're spending the weekend together.

3. He knows your taste in food/clothes/décor, etc., and points things out that he thinks you'll like or that remind him of you.

4. He suffers through your favorite girly TV show or movie without complaint (though he may make a joke or two).

5. He cooks dinner - and cleans up -- when you've had a long day (and he's not a master chef/doesn't enjoy cooking).

6. He offers to help out around your place (hang a shelf, paint a wall, repair something that's broken), even if you don't ask.

7. He wears a shirt/jacket/hat that you've told him you like more often once you've mentioned it… and even points it out that he's wearing it for you.

8. He lets you drive his car (especially his new SUV).

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