Do You Forgive In Love?

Forgiving is a great virtue. Every religion teaches you to forgive. Most people find it difficult to forgive. Forgiveness is closely related to the seriousness of the mistake made by the guilty party and how close you are to them.

It is easier to forgive for small mistakes. They don't impact you that much and you are ready to forgive small blunders. For some of you, even this becomes difficult if you hold some values very dear to your heart and somebody close to you, who knows it breaks them.

Similarly, in interpersonal relations, it is easier to either forgive or just to forget. For example, a company sells you a very defective product and then refuses to replace it.

You will feel very angry in the beginning, but after some time, you will call them names and forget about what they did. You vent out your anger and that is enough in most of the situations to forget, if not forgive.

When it comes to somebody very close to you, and if he/she does something those shocks you, it becomes extremely difficult to forgive. The initial reaction is that of disbelief and repeated questioning of the relationship. It takes a long time for the initial shock to go, and only after that one can think of forgiving. Some of you may never forgive your beloved for a big blunder such as cheating. You may find it impossible to do that.

But unless you forgive, you cannot go forward in life. This is the problem. Life revolves around that act. You have to accept that you will have to forget if not forgive and bring yourself some peace. What would you do, if faced with any such issue?

Think about it.

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