How to reduce terrorism

We need an international effort to help educate the world on a social level. Much of the fighting is based on fears that are unwarranted and could be resolved if both sides understood each other. Humanity instinctively fears what it does not know. Eliminate the ignorance, and you eliminate much of the intolerance. We need to present our cultures on a human level, instead of a generalization. It wouldn't be a cure all, and would probably be a large expense. But even saving one life from a death by ignorance would be priceless.


The best and most certain way to change behavior or belief of any kind is not force or threat, but education.

If you can logically explain to someone why something is wrong, counter-productive, ill advised or makes them look stupid, they will cease the behavior.

If you simply tell them that their actions/beliefs will cause them discomfort, cause anger from others or is wrong according to your beliefs, they will probably continue to follow their inner guidance, undetered by you.

The only constantly effective way to change their inner guidance is through education. 
To free our planet from terrorism, the leaders of all the countries that inhabit our planet should join together…not to fight terrorism, but to find solutions to unresolved issues, which is the root cause of terrorism.
My feeling is that when people are willing to lay down their lives for a cause, then their cause should be looked into more seriously. World leaders from all the countries of the world should depute their finest legal brains to form a kind of ‘World Controlling Body.’ (WCB) This ‘Team’ of legal experts should collectively look into the various unresolved issues that make up the ‘cause’ of several terrorist groups around the world. They should look into the pros & cons of every issue and try and work out an amicable solution by unanimous decision. This decision should be binding on the countries involved. I leave it to the intelligentsia of the world to formulate the nitty-gritty of this ‘WCB.’ What rules they should follow, what force they can use to execute these rules etc., etc. The body should be more potent than the UNO has proved to be so far. Certain fundamental laws of the land should be unified and the same law should be practiced in all countries of the world regardless of which religion or race holds sway in any given country. These laws of the world should overrule all religious laws. Perhaps it could be made the responsibility of the Religious heads to enforce the rules of the world on their followers. They should be held accountable for the quantum of crimes committed by their followers…
Once unresolved issues start getting amicably resolved terrorism will automatically disappear.

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