Job Interview Skills

An interview is designed for the employer to narrow down their choices for a particular position. It is also the first impression you make on a potential employer. A job interview is an event that can be prepared for and mastered. There are a few simple things that you can do to portray professionalism, confidence and leave a positive impression to ensure success from an interview:

Body language
Your body language speaks volumes and you need to ensure that it portrays you in a positive light.
  • Offer your hand in a firm handshake 
  • Speak in a clear and strong voice 
  • Maintain eye contact and sit upright to let the interviewer know that you are listening and interested

Speak with confidence
The interview is your opportunity to showcase your talents and experience; it is therefore essential that you exude confidence.
  • Never put yourself down with negative statements 
  • Do not apologize for lack of experience, instead point related examples that show your ability to learn 
  • Do not use weak words like "I guess", "not bad" or "pretty good" 
  • Say positive things about yourself and project an empowered image 
  • Smile, be enthusiastic but don not over do it

Dress and Appearance
What you wear for an interview depends on what type of job you are applying for. An office job will require a different attire than a factory job or a construction job. If in doubt dress conservatively.
  • Have neat hair, ensure fingernails are clean and trimmed 
  • Avoid heavy makeup, cologne or perfumes 
  • Shine your shoes and iron clothes
Show that you are reliable
  • The interview is the first test of reliability so make sure you arrive on time (better yet, a few minutes early). You are trying to tell the employer that you will show up for work on time, will get things done, get along with fellow workers and can be trusted.

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