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A job interview is the final step in convincing potential employers about what you bring to the table. Preparing for an interview begins by learning about the organization. This is not limited to knowing the products, services or name of the CEO, but involves a deeper analysis of the needs of the organization. You have to figure out the attributes and qualities that fit into the company so as to present yourself as the best option.

The interviewer will want to learn about your skills, knowledge, experience and accomplishment as he/she focuses on your ability to do the job. Your work ethic, energy level, and interests in the field of work and industry will also be key in their determination of your will to do work. Finally they will also be considering the intangibles of chemistry, inter-personal skills, communication ability, appearance and values to determine whether you are a good fit within the organization.

Job interviews are not a monolithic activity and you are likely to experience a combination of interviews within a single job hiring process. The screening interview is a common interview usually conducted by telephone. It usually involves a human resources representative asking basic questions to gauge your qualifications and verifying your resume. The face to face interview can be one single session or it could be broken down into several interviews. A qualifying interview will usually be done by the hiring manager and focuses on your skills and possible fit into the hiring group. A technical interview may be conducted as a written questionnaire within a qualifying interview or with one or more technical experts of the company. It is designed to verify your knowledge base, skills and abilities.

The second set of interviews may include additional psychological meetings with a third party to map out your personality, motivation and organizational fit. An approval meeting with a director, regional manager or CEO is usually conducted when the company is genuinely interested in your services.

Before the interview, learn as much as possible about your potential employer. Write down some questions that you would like to ask and begin thinking of the types of questions you are likely to be asked. Try to find out the name of the person who will be interviewing you and bring extra copies of your resume. During the interview act natural and show enthusiasm. Greet the interviewer by their name and a firm handshake. Wait until you are asked to be seated, pay attention to the interviewer, answering their questions truthfully and in a concise manner. After the interview send the employer a follow up letter or email expressing your appreciation for the interview. Follow up with a telephone call if the employer promised to contact you by a certain date but did not.

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