Resume - Heading and Opening Summary

The first page of the resume must contain a balanced layout that includes contact information for the potential employer.

Name - your name should be the first thing in your resume. It should be in bold and a bigger font size than the rest of the text within the resume; it should stand out.

Address - the resume must contain your full mailing address. It is important to ensure that this piece of information is accurate as many companies will mail out acknowledgement letters through snail mail.

Phone number - you can use either a home phone or a cellular/mobile phone number. Fax number is optional.

Email address - an email address is must on a resume and it should be a personal address, not one from your current employer.

The heading should be followed by a positioning statement that kicks off the process of selling your skills and experiences to the future employers. This concise statement can go a long way to add focus to the resume. The positioning statement should be followed by a summary paragraph that outlines the level of responsibilities, highlights strengths, and emphasizes key technical, education and team skills. The summary paragraph forms an integral part of the resume as it gives recruiters a quick overview of your skills and the ability to make a decision regarding your potential in the shortest possible time.  

The summary paragraph can be formatted in several different ways. It can be a 4-5 sentence narrative that outlines the above stated points. It could also be an introductory sentence followed by bullet points that highlight the strengths and experiences. Lastly it could just be a set of bullet points.

Parts of the Resume

There are five main parts to a successful resume:
Heading and Opening Summary
Technical and Computer Skills
Professional Experience and Accomplishments
Volunteer Work and Professional Affiliations

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