Resume - Technical and Computer Skills

Many jobs require specific technical and computer skills. When applying for such positions and for Information Technology jobs in general, it is a good idea to highlight your technical and computer skills right up front. In other cases, this section can be moved down to the same resume section as the education.

This section should itemize the various technical and computer skills you possess and indicate the level of expertise. So you want to start off with skills that you are most experienced with and move down the familiarity scale. It is not the number of skills you list that is important but the matching of your skills with the job requirement. Therefore, it is always recommended that this section be customized for each job application so as to provide the recruiter with the best matching resume.

Computer and Technical Skills
When applying for an Information Technology (IT) position, it is essential to sell all your computer and technology related skills. This means that everything from computer applications, programming languages, hardware systems, networking, client server tools, to problem solving skills should be emphasized. If you are applying for a non-IT position, mould your computer skills section around the computer applications and operating systems that are stated within the job description or those that might be applicable to the company/industry.

Technical Equipment
Technical skills are not just limited to computers and the Information Technology world. There are hundreds and thousands of specialized machines and systems that require training and experience to operate and manage. When applying for such technical or engineering related jobs, it is equally important to list experiences with such technology and equipment. Examples include CNC, lathing systems, specialized machining, grinding, heavy engineering machines, oil and gas equipment, and more.

Parts of the Resume, cont.

There are five main parts to a successful resume:
Heading and Opening Summary
Technical and Computer Skills
Professional Experience and Accomplishments
Volunteer Work and Professional Affiliations

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