Should You Love Fully Or Hold Back?

In love, it is expected that we give ourselves totally. Love means a passion that takes over our total being. In love, there is no holding back of anything. 'If I love you, what I have is yours and I will hold nothing back from you. I expect the same from you and if you love me with that abundance and confidence, you will do the same.' With frequent break-ups, people are becoming little worried about what if they give all and lose all?

If one holds back, that no longer remains love. It becomes an agreement or a contract.

You love him/her to so-and-so extent and with some conditions. But then, that is no more love. It is a contract. This all sounds very confusing. Should I not experience the love that is heavenly and love that gives me a new life?

Or should I live mechanically defending myself against all the odds?

Every adventure gives us great exhilaration and every adventure carries risk.

Ask mountaineers.

What if they stop climbing mountains for the fear of losing their lives?

But the attraction of mountaineering in some people is so much, that they feel dead if you stop them.

It is true of love. Given a choice, love fully and with a passion, that you never knew existed in you. Don't worry about a break-up now. The present is to love and live. Let future come with all negative possibilities.

At least experience love so that you can say that you lived and loved.

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