Tell Your Partner Why You Love Them

Here is a thought that can bring freshness in your relationship.

Tell your partner why you love them. Yes, tell them about all the good qualities they have. Tell them everyday about why they are so lovely. Do you think that they know about why you love them?

Ask them and you may be in for a surprise. No, you may be wondering if you would be speaking the obvious?

The answer is Absolutely Not. By constantly telling your partner how much and why you love them, you are actually building up the love, bond and trust you have with them. As of course, there is a very simple technique of doing so which you have to master before you actually confess your love, that is to bear in mind that every compliment or praise that comes out from you must be said with sincerity and truthfulness. Do not doubt or sound hesitant as that make backfire. Instead of feeling the love from you, that may mislead them, thinking them you are not serious about them and are just plainly playing a joke.

If you make your partner feel good, you will feel good. And the appreciation that you will get from your partner will be the icing on the cake. Most of you focus on what is going wrong. Why not shift the focus to - what is going right?

No two individuals are ever similar. No two individuals will have a life without any strife.

Why not reduce unhappiness and bring in cheer?

Be very liberal with your praise. Be very stingy with blames and criticism.

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