Test Of True Love

To love, to like, to enjoy being with each other and to make each other happy - these are what dream relationships are made of. The couple loves each other. How to know if it is true love? How to decide if it is not passing infatuation?

How does one test true love?

The test of love comes in crisis. If your partner tells you that he/she loves you, then he/she should be there with you even at the cost of all comforts and at times even his/her life. That is how most mothers love their children. But what about romantic love. The test of that love is same. Both of you will be with each other through thick and thin. None of you will walk away leaving one all alone to face a crisis after professing so much about love. You will give each other support and encouragement to face that crisis. It is not a single partner's crisis. It is a crisis for both of you. That is true love.

Why does false love still take many of you in?

This love will vanish when you will need it most?

Worse, if you have already supported your beloved during his/her crisis. It will hurt more. False sincerity takes one in. Misjudgment takes you in on your part. The signs of love vanishing are all there, but one refuses to believe them in the beginning. You refuse to believe that someone you love so much will turn out to be an individual with no integrity.

If you are looking for test of true love, wait till something very bad happens. If your partner stays with you in that phase, that is love, otherwise it was only talk of love.

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