Things That Turn Men Off and On

What do men want from women?
There cannot be a generalization because all men are different. One can try to summarize some pointers about what turns a man on towards women and what turns him off. Let us discuss them. 

Men do not like women who don't take care of themselves. They like women who may not look like a goddess, but knows how to keep herself neat and look good.

No man likes a woman who sounds selfish. She wants more and is never satisfied. She does not give back equally in terms of time. Most men will avoid women who have very expensive tastes. 

Self Respect
Men love women with high self-esteem. A weak woman who always looks towards her man for every decision is not liked generally. Someone who is firm, decisive and kind will be a great combination to attract men. 

A woman who has complains about the whole world and is out to prove that she is being persecuted by everyone is a no. 

Men love any woman with who they can relate with easily, at equal level. Confidence, and friendliness, these qualities are appreciated. These are general pointers to what men look for in a woman. As said before, every man has got his own taste. Find out what your man wants and give him that.

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