Top five tips to writing a winning resume

Your job resume is an integral part of the job search process. It can definitely have an impact on whether you are selected for an interview and in turn, if you get the job. Here are five tips that can help you put together a successful job resume.

1. Preparation is Key
Every aspect of the job search process requires preparation and the resume is no exception. Your resume is important in developing your career and you must be better prepared than other candidates in putting together an appealing brochure about yourself. Customizing the resume for each job opening is one example where the extra time spent on preparation can leave the recruiter with a positive feeling about your sincerity and willingness to take on the extra effort.

2. Keep an eye on the details
There are several small details that can make or break a resume. Things like proper formatting and printing resumes on good quality paper with legible type fonts are a must. Even smaller details like spelling mistake and grammatical errors tend to leave a negative impression on the potential employer.

3. Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)
This often used cliche is quite relevant when it comes to the job resume. Keep your resume to one or two pages. Use simple language with clear and concise words and sentence structure that put your qualifications across.

4. Focus on the positives
When you apply for a position, it is usually after you have viewed an job ad and have a good idea of what the position might entail. So make sure to modify your resume enough to meet the needs of the potential employer. A cover letter or email may also be of help to bridge the gap between yourself and the recruiter. Use this opportunity to provide them with examples from you previous work that would be relevant to them.

5. Stay positive
Even if you are going through a tough time, your resume must exude a positive aura about yourself. This is essential as you must be ready to act professionally and do your best even in times when things are far from perfect. Employers see that as a trait that leads to positive contributions towards their organizations.

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