What If You And Your Friend Love The Same Person?

Many of us come across this movie-like situation. You like a girl and your best friend also likes the same girl. Or you like a boy and your best friend likes the same boy. What should be done?

On one side, you have a long standing friendship and on the other side you have love that may be passionate. This does create a difficult situation. Let us talk about it.

Finally either both the friends have to give away their love and maintain their friendship, or one friend has to get love and the other has to sacrifice. In the second situation, the friendship may remain intact or may break up. What is the best way out?

One comes across many people discussing this kind of situation and what always surprises is, that they don't first talk to the girl or the boy they have fallen in love with. Why not find out who is preferred by the object of love and decide accordingly?

Both the friends should talk about common love with as much clarity as possible with each other and then decide not to sacrifice their friendship for love.

After that, they should approach their love and find out what he/she thinks about both of them. It may so happen that the other party is not in love with either of them. Straight talk and making things rational instead of emotional helps in such situations.

Remember in this situation, guessing game does not help at all!

The only best appropriate way is to talk to the boy or girl you have fallen in love with.

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