What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?


C - communication, to create understanding between people
A - appreciation of each others cultural differences
R - respect of each other no matter religion, race or colour
E - education for all to abolish negative thought and ignorance.

I appreciate the implication of the question posed by the President of India before us all because as I understand it, the ‘out-of-box solutions’ suggest that the existing paradigm guiding the ‘War on Terror’ has been futile. In fact it has proved counter-productive and one might even add that this paradigm on the ‘War on Terror’ threatens solutions to terrorism.

Terrorism today is constructed as a kind of enemy that cannot be conceptualized in traditional terms. It is a phenomenon built over time, without territory in the traditional sense. The war on terror is therefore mostly a clash of culture, worldview, ideas, narrative, history, chosen glories and chosen traumas.

The War on Terror has been narcissistically obsessed with the ‘other’ and the more walls that we build around us, the more we will have to tear down, when we finally realize that we actually need each other. Hence the endeavor to find out of the box solutions to terrorism is not about who they are, it really is about we are and how we respond to issues of injustice. How we address injustice (of all forms) is decisive to whether we can build a world free of terrorism.

Therefore if we are to explore together the idea of out-of-box solutions to terrorism, then it is quite essential that we first put a human face to it. Naturally this suggestion contravenes the existing paradigm of War on Terror, because all that this War on Terror has done is to create the image of an enemy of the ‘other’ and pursues the idea that purports the efficacy of force, which has only bred more violence.

The lack of critical imagination and the arrogance of power have perpetuated the assumption that the hammer is the only means available to deal with people who disagree with you. The perpetual resort to force manifests a deepening belief in force as a method above all else which inevitably stands out as a monolithic structure.

To make this world free of terrorism, demands that we must make this world free of violence. It is of absolute necessity to address the question of violence with clarity and foresight, because violence is at the root of terrorism. By violence, I mean, state violence, structural violence and other forms of violence that prevents the fullness of a dignified humanity.

Without a doubt, good sense must prevail in recognizing that it is virtually quite impossible for the world to "eliminate" terrorism, or to eliminate the ‘other.’ If our response to terrorism is more violence, that in the final analysis, we would end up being no better, possible even worse.

We need evolve a new paradigm in which our response to issues of terrorism demands of us to find creative, imaginative and responsive ways to engage with injustices. Such a paradigm must find ways to end violence and its consequences. We must explore new ways to address conflicting interest in more creative, imaginative and peaceful ways, in which the use of force has no role.

I would like to envision (think) a few decades ahead from where we are, where humans would have already realized a shared humanity, and then from there work ourselves to the present and in the process try and identify what it would mean and it is demand of us to achieve a shared humanity.

Indeed our shared humanity is based on the idea that the security and well-being of any one community, nation or people is connected and interdependent with the well being of others, requiring mutual respect, understanding, cooperation, and investment in our mutual destiny.

In reality there is no road that leads to peace, Peace itself is the road; and it begins to emerge only when all forms of injustices that destroy human dignity are removed. It is a praxis which demands addressing all forms of injustices through fairness and righteous means and it necessitates the transformation of all unjust systems to ensure that the injustices are not committed again.

In the end, political courage is the living power of human perception that nurtures and expands a vision for the future by transcending the existing realities which is limited by present conditions of an impoverished mind. Today must be that day we decide to speak for ourselves and find our own solutions to the question terrorism and the challenges of a shared humanity.

Human society, from origin until now, has always been at war within and between groups and has led to two World Wars. Presently, terrorism and low intensity warfare are affecting many parts if the world.

As the current global population of 6 billion increases to 8 billion by 2025, national and international conflicts will continue to be a source of concern for humanity. When evil minds combine, good minds have to work together and combat. In this context, what are the out-of-the-box solutions to free the planet earth from terrorism?

Your answers when processed and implemented can lead to a peaceful, happy and safe planet earth.

The most extreme terrorism that faces us today is sadly in the form of people killing each other in the name of Religion. There is a misguided belief that you can become a Martyr even if you kill innocent people.

This dangerous ideology requires a change in perception. Education and spreading awareness among people is the key to bringing about such a necessary & pressing change in the mentality of people.

Religious Fanaticism is responsible for this in a big way. We must learn to be tolerant towards people of all religions, color, caste and creed.

We must learn to live in peace and stop judging people by the house the live in, the cars they drive or their economic conditions. We have to stop being such a judgmental society.
Spreading the message of peace and love through education is equally important to combat terrorism.

Each one of us needs to contribute to the process individually as each of us is like a drop in the ocean which can create a huge ripple. We should all join in this, to combat terrorism in our own little way and make a big difference.

To free our planet from terrorism we have to really go into the root cause of terrorism

The first cause of terrorism I see is the tension and stress.

Stress and tension in the minds of men and women turn into violence and that violence then comes up in life as domestic violence, societal violence, then it becomes the violence between communities and countries.

So basically stress and tension in a person is to be managed.

The second cause of terrorism I see, is narrow ideology, narrow mindedness. Lack of sense of belongingness with the human race. Lack of sense of belongingness with the people of all different religions and cultures and racial backgrounds.

So we need to expand the vision of our young people. The young minds need to have a sense of belongingness with people of all different cultures and religions.

One way to achieve this is to educate a child in a multi cultural, multi religious discipline so that the child knows little bit about the wisdom in all various different cultures. This is what I would call as globalizing wisdom. Glosbalising widom would help and more and more interaction with people who are different than ourselves. Usually you know, there is a proverb that says Birds of the same feather flock together.

So we don’t need to be birds, we can be human beings; we can flock with people of different feathers, different colours and different beliefs and faith systems.

If you could achieve that then the world would be a better place to live.

A person identifies himself to belong to a particular religion. If his identity with the religion is above his identity of being a human being then, there is a problem.

First and foremost everyone’s identity should connect oneself with the fact that they are part of one divinity and one humanity.

And the third fourth fifth place of course, the other identities will stay on. They belong to this religion, this culture this language, this country, this nationality, they all should be there.

You can’t deny someone’s identity at all. Identities are good to have. They have their purpose but they should not super cede or overshadow the basic identity that we all have, that we are human beings.

If this basic identity that we are human beings is over shadowded then people are ready to give up their lives for identities sake. For being a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian or a Jewish. People are giving the life for their identity!

So that shift has to happen. For that we need to globalize wisdom and a sense of belongingness with all the wisdom. All the religions of the world has to dawn in their minds.

Terrorism has different facets, different levels of severity and different circumstantial causes. But in my view, it has common roots which start growing with mistrust, grow to the limits of distrust and end up bringing the involved communities/ individuals into disrepute.
Two communities which have different interests (take any two fast developing countries for example) have a certain air of competition and mistrust between each other. A few occurrences of miscommunication, lack of communication or vile acts of a few people who do not belong anywhere spark the feelings of enmity and complete loss of trust. This is where the targets i.e. both the opposing parties are “softening up” themselves for the heinous crimes of terrorism.

When we directly or indirectly segregate ourselves from others, we plant a negative thought in their minds. And the thought reads- “indifference.” Yes, we start off as being “indifferent” to each others’ woes. Actually, as humans, we are somehow destined to connect and be affected by each other. “Indifference” is tougher to achieve than to mention.

In an attempt to remain indifferent to your neighbour’s woes, you actually end up hating his success(es) which I believe is the first step in the direction of inhumanity and terror.
There is another way terrorism can branch out of its roots. The other way is called “insecurity”. Difference of interests among two communities which are both even on all grounds is not as dangerous a situation as is the difference between those two communities among which one is dominant over the other. The smaller and weaker community is weak in totality but the same cannot be said about the members of the weaker community. A human is never born weak. When they sense that the bigger tree is sucking away all the nutrition from the earth, they feel insecure (ironically, a trait of the meek) and resort to terrorism.

Sometimes, it is just the human within us that gets the best of us. The “mob mentality” it is! Most of the times the wrong-doers are a few but they are the loudest and hence the most apparent. We form “generalizations” (here comes another of the roots of terrorism i.e. quick generalizations) based on those few loud members of a community which leads to misinformation and hence, miscommunication.

Now, that I have made clear what I think is the cause of terrorism as a whole; let me put forward my humble answer to you. I hope you like it.

I have never been a big fan of the capital punishment per se. As I have already suggested that the roots of terror are very deep rooted—so much so, that if you completely shift your perspective to match that of a member of the community which is said to be churning out terrorists, you can somewhat justify your means. This is the reason you have to kill the cause and not the people. The easiest method to do it, the way I see it, is by the help of communication. What starts off with miscommunication can possibly be uprooted by communication.

To bring it down to Layman’s terms: When an Indian chats with a German, a French, an Afghan, an Iraqi or a Pakistani; they do not sound like they are any different from him. We all love good music, we all love our family and we all follow the same fundamental philosophies of life. There might be differences of interest superficially but, as humans we all just bleed red. This fact needs to be spread and shared with everyone and the only way to do it is communication and media. Movies have been a bridge between India and other countries for decades.

Here are some fruits of my thought process-

1.Promote Secularism through textbooks.

I am thankful to all those chapters in the textbooks I had growing up which had pictures and stories of a Hindu and a Muslim celebrating each other’s festivals with joy and goodwill. A tender mind in childhood can be moulded in any desired way. Let us sculpt a transparent mind with room for respect towards every human culture and religion and no room for envy and hatred. Let’s make communalism a no issue.

2.Worldwide Television and Radio.

How about this—all the nations of the world join hands with UN (or create an organization of their own) to put to air a few satellite Television and Radio channels which cover features, news, music, cultural sketches and special stories from all over the globe(?) Every nation gets an equal opportunity to display all the good things it has to offer and share with rest of the world. This would promote mutual understanding and perpetual dissolution of hostility or lack of respect towards each other. The beauty pageants, a few TV channels are doing just that. But, I think we need to do it more often, on a grander scale and with better communicability.

By better communicability I mean that the material should either be dubbed or be staged in local languages (with some added local flavour). I guess, there can be better ways to share cultures. This was the best I could think of. I’ll wait for the time when we will have more performers of “worldwide” fame and a better and bigger audience of every form of art. Terrorism will die screaming under all this.

3- A Fearless Stand.
As people, I think it is our responsibility to get our views registered. Getting noticed is not in our hands but raising voices is. When you think something wrong is going on, you have to do something about it. As a journalist, you have to let is be known to people; as a blogger, you have to blog about it, as a Newspaper reader, you have to e-mail the editor about it… some way or the other, we all have to stand firm and express our viewpoint. You have to learn this from the enemy. They are always fewer than us, but they get their violent thoughts known to the world. Why can’t we fight back with the same weapon?

What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?

Have any experts reported one way or another on this key issue? I asked this question because it could affect my motivation, my thinking and others as well. The second important question was: "How are we going to achieve peace?" I seriously wished to do something to help advance the cause of peace and hence I had to know where I should start from.

It is not an easy task for an average citizen like me to find an answer for such a big question, the writings and opinions on peace so far have been very diverse and complex. However I religiously believe that my answer is positive and is achievable by all of us. We currently have high knowledge resource, amazing technology and the infrastructure to achieve 'Terror Free Nation'. But still i seriously feel where we are lagging at is 'Motivation' and 'Time'.

The myth that spreads across the planet among us are predisposed to violence through four key propositions as given below:

1. War is caused by any single motivation or by an instinct.

2. Human beings have violent brain and how we act is shaped by how we have been brought up, conditioned and socialized.

3. War or any other violent behavior for that matter is genetically programmed into our nature.

4. Human beings have, by themselves, inherited a tendency to make fights from our animal ancestors and those genes are inseparable from our body DNA structure.

But all the above statements have already been proved as scientifically incorrect by world scientists.

Then how do we achieve a terror-free planet? I feel if we get the following things, perfectly in place, we shall achieve peace, globally.

Code of Ethics by Credible Governments - In simple words, of the things the government think, do or say, government(s) should be able to be relied upon to be as honest as possible, truthful, build better relationships and good will, must strive for the benefit of each and every citizen are concerned. The same ethics must be expected of governments, corporations and other organizations as are expected of each and every citizens, that is us. Every citizen should have this in mind 'Do it like what you would have done to yourself'.

Globally Sustainable Economy - The economy must be structured in such a way to provide reasonable employment and thus eradicate poverty and hunger from our nation as well us from the planet. Nobel Prize winner Mr. Amartya Sen has clearly showed us how a systematic public action can help in eradicating the terrible problems of starvation in the world in which we live. But still, the economy must also be in a perfect balance with our small planet's ecology. I would say, this is probably the most difficult challenge we are going to face when setting things up. But, I am sure that all the other elements to achieve terror free planet are relatively straight forward and are easy to implement. All it takes is only coordinated action at the "world level" to achieve our dream 'Terror Free Planet'. As 'no man is an island' in this world, hence no individual nation shall remain disconnected from the rest of the world.

Global access to a competent and international educational system - This concept is very basic and very simple to understand.

Particularly, education for women plays a vital role in both economic as well as peace developments. The complete empowerment and participation of each and every woman is extremely essential in developing a terror free, peaceful nation, rather Planet. It used to be monopoly of warfare by men in earlier days which led to the exclusion of women from administration. But women's solidarity, skills and co operation, managing informal economy, and bringing up the next generation are all very essential to the evolution of a terror free planet. As women being the creator and transmitter for the younger generation through out the world, a change in their tradition, living culture and their customs play a vital key to the development of peace, which can never be super-imposed but must evolve from itself.

Adding to this, our past education was designed in such a way to make men stronger, richer and intelligent. And the same system still exists. In order to change our planet as terror-free, we must change our basic educational system. To gain peace and eradicate terrorism from our world, every individual must be educated. All of us in this planet must be taught of our own responsibilities towards our nation and helping it glorify. That is essential to understand the need of going beyond selfish our behaviors and also to commit ourselves towards the development of our nation as well as others, and thus it helps establishing an amicable relationship between other people and treat them as human being, despite of their education, status, wealth. As quoted by Albert Einstein, "Peace is something which can be achieved by understanding its need and can not be put in place by force.

Global access to health and human welfare - This system is also very basic and so simple to understand. In our society, the every 'more-privileged' individual should have a humanitarian responsibility in helping the under-privileged people, at least, an under-privileged individual.

Global system of justice - As everybody knows, without justice there can be never be peace, anywhere. Every nation in our planet has already instituted both a criminal as well as civil court systems in order to get every brawl from the street and getting them into the court, and those should be resolved in what should be perceived as a good and reasonable manner.

It is not so hard to imagine that the global system of justice is very essential for all the crimes against humanity, society, environment and all the other international issues. But at the very same time, there must be reliable, and I would like to add 'proactive' and dispute resolution systems for all the parties or people who are very much willing to work together by themselves in bringing a solution, in order to avoid the necessity of going to the courtrooms.

These manageable & measurable factors should perfectly be in place in every Nation, though they are all already existing, but in varying degrees. Strengthen these factors and thus we get our world becomes terror free and peaceful. Each and every nation's level of internal external peacefulness becomes a result and the strength of all these factors. In other words, the level of world peace is a result and the strength of above mentioned factors.

Regarding motivation, the political leaders worldwide should be motivated be people to get them work together in eradicating the terrorism and achieving peace for their nation. But the leaders have never been motivated by us. In addition, the people worldwide have also been not motivated by our political leaders as to what should be done from our side to glorify our nation and make it peaceful, as responsible citizens. What I mean to say is, we are not reminded of our duties and our responsibilities in securing our beloved nation, and thus our planet. And hence there is a problem exists both in leadership level as well as the civic level. Please have this in mind that all my due purpose here is to find out and show all that global peace is indeed possible, and nothing else. I am not trying to blame anybody here. I have completely understood that peace at every individual; every family and every community in this world are inter related at universal level. I have also understood that the power of one single person in our society, who is convicted, can make a very big impact to the rest of our community and thus the world.

Now let me summarize and make it easier for everybody to understand what my perspective is, in making our planet, terror-free.

1.Declaration by the Government worldwide in attaining respect and security for every human being and promoting respect for human rights in a society.

2.The Main aim of the Government worldwide should be attaining national peace and that should be the first priority, without diminishing other.

3.Government should ensure that the political leaders not being selfish and they do everything for the welfare of the people and for the nation.

4.Government can mobilize and utilize public opinion by issuing news letters, or websites, or E-mails or any other means for peace, and thus support free flow of information it increases the transparency of the government.

5.Government should implement transformation of local authoritative bodies like corporations and municipals to work keeping peace and justice in mind as their first priority, urge them in maintain it always and ensure equal justice at their level, to everybody.

6.Government should empower every citizen, at all levels, by ensuring sustainable development of every individual and equal justice to them.

7.Government should eliminate poverty and inequality within the nation first and thus it can be easily extended across countries.

8.Government should ensure women empowerment (both economic as well as political), and thus attain equal responsibility and representation in every decision making. Government should also ensure equality between men and women.

9.Government should ensure that there is transparency as far as possible and every individual gets how the government works and what it takes to execute a decision. This helps them in being responsible.

10.Every nation has rich traditions and varied values, should encourage and celebrate cultural diversity among people; as this helps in respecting the other individual and their values.

11.Government should ensure that every aspect of the education for children is being mobilized towards it and thus make it clear to them as to what's been expected from them in future, as a good citizen.

12.Government should ensure it co-ordinates with all the actions needed for worldwide security and thus attain peace.

So from this, it is very evident that global peace is executable, very much manageable and can be implemented globally across countries. I here by request or rather urge all to understand what our responsibilities are in making our country, a secured and glorified nation. Let us do our part in eradicating terrorism. It’s high time we should react now and do something about it.
Or later we, we may not exist, even to regret.

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