Ebook Marketing

Marketing your ebook is very important. If you don’t market your book, then how will people know that it even exists?
Sales copies are an effective and efficient way to market your ebook. The copy should explain to the public what your product is, and how it will help them. Tell them why they need your product. How it will improve their lives if they purchase it.

Sales copies are all about the customers needs. When writing a sales copy for your ebook, remember to ask yourself “Why?” or “So?” at the end of each of your sentences.

For instance; ‘This ebook will help you understand computers’.

“So?” ‘By understanding computers you enable yourself to have a better career’. By telling the prospective what they are gaining from your product increases dramatically your chance of selling.

Another great and powerful ebook marketing strategy and promotion is to provide a free trial version. To do this you will need to create an “edited” version of your original electronic book. In the free trial version, provide your readers with a preview of your original ebook. Make sure it contains instructions and links so that they can purchase the full version of the ebook when they’re done reading the sample chapter(s).

Advertising your ebook online is a remarkable way to generate sales. Having internet affiliates is the most effective way to promote and advertise online. Your affiliates will receive a commission on any sale generated through their link in your trial version.

This ebook marketing strategy encourages your affiliates to distribute your trial version. This generates massive distribution and will undoubtedly increase your sales largely.

By having an ebook affiliate program you dramatically increase your possible sales without doing any of the actual work yourself. Treat your affiliates well by providing all the necessary tools, including banners, articles, sales copies, pay-per-click keyword lists as well as a decent commission for their work. You want create a healthy, long-term relationship with your ‘army’ of affiliates that will want to continue pushing your product for years to come.

You can also use a third party affiliate tracking company. This is a company that would run your affiliate program for you. By choosing an affiliate tracking company to do the work for you, you now have a place where your affiliates can track and check on their stats. In most cases, you don’t even have to send out the commission checks. They will take care of it, saving you a substantial amount of time and the trouble of doing it yourself.

ClickBank is one of the largest and most trusted affiliate tracking company online. They have over 100,000 affiliates ready to promote the latest and greatest products to hit the market. You can signup here.

Marketing your ebook(s) is an exciting process. It is the final step to creating your ebook so you can finally see it all in action and let the rewards pour into your account. Now who doesn’t like that?

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