Career Assessment

Most job seekers tend to jump into the job search process by making their resume and sending it out to every half decent help wanted ad they see. What they are missing are the very important steps of assessing your career goals and life situations. It is essential that you begin the next phase of your career by first understanding your motivations for work, career strengths, personal values, and professional interests - a career assessment is essential.

Employment Changes
Most experts agree that the notion of lifetime work with a company has now gone the way of the dodo bird. This means that you are more likely to see frequent career transitions and maybe even career dislocation. One must begin by dealing with the human emotions associated with a job layoff or firing. Anger, shock, worry, and maybe even depression can have a devastating impact on most people. The key is to understand these emotions and to work as efficiently as possible to address them through positive actions. One way of dealing with the constant questions from not only prospective employers but also friends, family, neighbors and strangers is to have a clear statement for why you left your last company. Make this statement short and to the point, highlighting key reasons why your last employment came to an end.

Assessing Yourself
Begin by taking stock of your career goals and where you are in your life. If you have a family with mortgage and car payments, it is essential that you land back on your feet as quickly as possible. In this scenerio, you might not be comfortable holding out for the "dream" job and might be eager to take the first opportunity that meets certain criteria. If you find your self in such a situation or not, you must have a clear understanding of these criteria. You can begin with sizing up your strengths and weaknesses, understanding your objectives and outlining how you do your best work. The assessment process should utilize your past successes, your current strengths, work habits, a clear career objective, and your personal preferences.
The career assessment process is an important exercise to conduct prior to jumping into the job research, resume building and job networking parts of your career strategy. It will ensure a more efficient use your time and resources in engaging the right kind of people for the right kind of work.

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