Break Up Pain Recovery

Being heart broken after a break up, can be a painful regardless if you are a girl or boy. The reason for breaking up does not matter, nor who initiated it as it is still a painful experience. You go into a relationship hoping for the best but sometimes things do not work out for many reasons.

If you have been in a relationship that has had on going problems then a break up could be expected at some point. Then you have relationships that fail unexpectedly and this can be the most heart breaking of them all. Being caught of guard suddenly can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

After a relationship break up, the worst thing you can do is feel sorry for yourself. It will do you no good to constantly go over what happened and stress yourself out. It will be difficult but you must avoid getting yourself trapped in self pity and complaining to your family and friends about what happened.

If you continue to think about your ex when you know the two of you will never get back together, it can eventually consume your daily life. Although it is good to grieve over your situation, there is a point that you must let it go and move on with your life. Any future relationships you have could be doomed to failure before they have a chance if you do not get over it.

To make your heartache go away you must work your way through it. Learn to accept the fact that your sadness and pain are going to be part of it and you can learn and grow from this experience. You are not alone; remember there are countless others who have experienced a break up like you and have moved on with their lives.

Unfortunately you will not find any quick fixes to mending a broken heart. What can help you, is being able to talk to your friends and family to express your feelings without complaining about it. A counselor can help, if you do not want to discuss your situation with family members. The bottom line is, being able to talk about it, can help you get over your break up.

To avoid making mistakes in future relationships, learn your lesson from this experience. If both of you made mistakes at least own up to yours and take responsibility for them and don't blame your ex. Of course mistakes may have not been made; sometimes a relationship just seems to end on its own.

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