How to Move After Hard Times

Your life is a wonderful dream. Everything seems to go well. You finished a university degree and been accepted in a large corporation. In short, you have an awesome career. You have a great company of friends and acquaintances, and you found the love of your life. Your life is perfect!

Every summer, you spend holidays in the beach or out of town. Your family supports and loves you, and you have a car, house and a stable career. What else is missing?

Now you feel that you are on the top of the world. Working and playing hard is easy for you -- thinking that you can do all things. Then one day, things changed.

While commuting on your way to work, an unthinkable event happened. An accident on the subway killed dozens of passengers. Luckily, you survived, only to be heavily injured. Your legs are injured, in which you can't walk for several months or years even.

The worst is yet to come when your friends did not visit you. It turned out that they're just fair-weather friends. Your love one did not have the guts to accept what happened and left you.

To make things worse, there was no compensation provided by your employer to cover your medication expenses - no work, no pay. Now temporarily injured and forsaken by friends, you now feel alone, rejected and hopeless.

Soon miserable, you will deny your current situation.

After denying, anger will soon come. You will get mad. Asking, "why me?" will always haunt you.

The anger somehow subsides and you will start bargaining. You will give up your present condition just to have your friends or loved one back.

When bargaining about the past seemed to be futile, depression will decrease your confidence and self-esteem. The melancholy of the situation will make you realize that what happened was a painful reality. Whatever the pain took away from you, you are now ready to start anew.

Accepting reality, you can now move on with your life. What happened might take some time to forget but that does not mean you have to be haunted all of your life.

Now, you go out and continue your life. You don't deserve to have false friends and lover who lacks understanding.

Undergoing the stages of denial, according to Hypnotherapy Adelaide, is a natural and normal process. Centerers such as hypnotherapy for depression Adelaide also suggests that people undergoing difficult challenges needs support to help them get back on their feet again. Emotional support from family and friends is highly important. Recovering from depression is not easy; it can affect our overall health - to say the least.

After the storm comes the rainbow, and now you are ready to live life again to the fullest.

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