Signs of an Ending Relationship

We would all hope we could met the person of our dreams and be together for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately in the real world things change between couples and they often separate. What if you were to be able to recognize key things that could signal a possible end of your relationship? If you knew what to look for you may be able to prevent a relationship break up.

To get started you should know enough about your partner to recognize any changes in their behavior. Knowing what is considered normal behavior in your partner will help you identify any unusual changes they may present. Many break up signals can be traced back to how your partner behaves.

One sign is if your partner changes the way they communicate with you. Are they talking more, in some cases lots more? Maybe they are talking a lot less than normal. The way they talk to you can signal something. For example, are they more romantic in their language or more abusive? Although these signs could relate to something else, be aware they do relate to break up signals.

Emotional distancing is any behavior that breaks the bond between lovers. It can be seen in the tone of their voice or even in their eyes. Even their touch can sometimes clue you in. Even how they react when you touch them can be a clue. It is just one of those things you feel when you see it.

Behaving oddly is another sign and can be noticed in a number of ways. If your partner is making big excuses for trivial things, that may not be normal of them. It may be related to something else but it warrants taking notice of just in case. If things don't seem right trust your gut feelings.

Has your partner been more romantic than usual? This can be a hard to notice clue a break up is coming. It feels nice when they are more loving to you but they might be compensating for their guilty feelings about something.

Of course any of these and other signals could be due to something other you're your relationship. There could be something else in their life that is influencing them to act this way. If you notice any of these signals use them as the basis if you have a talk with your partner.

If you discuss this with your partner be respectful and calm, you may find that in fact nothing is wrong. Then again you may have found that the signals were correct and the relationship is coming to an end. You may be upset but at least you know and can plan on your future from there.

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