Wrong Way to Get Her Back

Most guys take it for granted that the best thing to do after breaking up is to apologize to their girlfriend. This may make no sense to you but you can actually make your girlfriend angrier than before trying to apologize to her. Read on to find out four of the reasons this is the case.

1. Making an apology can be seen as a sign of weakness. For example if you are having an argument you never want to make yourself look weaker by making an apology.

2. If and when you make an apology be sincere. No one likes an apology without following up and fixing whatever it was you apologized for. If there is no action after apologizing you are not producing the results your girlfriend would expect to see. If you do not follow up she will rightfully loose respect for you. This does not mean you have to change everything about you but at least try to make some adjustments to make your girlfriend happy.

3. Apologizing for what she left you for will not do. You need to go beyond that and be more specific. You must let her know that you are sorry for hurting her, neglecting her, or embarrassing her. She wants you to understand that you know what is wrong. Unfortunately sometimes you will not know what is wrong, because she has not told you.

4. Be careful that you are not apologizing for something you think she is angry about instead of what the problem really is. If you tell her you're sorry for the wrong things you will only dig yourself deeper into a hole.

What this boils down to is that there are many ways to apologize the wrong way. One way to get it right is to give her an apology in a letter using these three things as a guide. Make your apology short, be specific about why you are apologizing and make it simple.

When she reads it as a letter you are not face to face which can prevent an argument. It also allows her to think it over as she may keep going back to the letter to re-read it.

Unfortunately apologies can have a negative impact on a relationship if it is done wrong so you must make sure to be careful. One way around this is instead of being negative; why not show your girlfriend the positive aspects and benefits of your relationship.

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