Friendship and Its Value

Friendship is the best relationship that a person should have to lead a more meaningful life in this world, next only to the Family system. The quality and quantity of the friendship determine the level of success and happiness in our life. Quantity refers to the number of friends one has, and the Quality represents the support and contribution made by those friends. A good friendship is characterized by an unassuming and helping mind. An understanding spouse is the best friend to the life partner. When the elders treat their juniors as friends, the peace and happiness are sure to prevail.

People boast of a large network of friends as a symbol of social status, but the quality lacks as reflected by the hollow and formal interactions. Many people think friendship is only for gaining something. Sorry, they have a selfish motive. Such friendships cannot long last and are bound to snap at any moment. Some other people take it for granted, and they expect their friends' help without any reciprocation. Generally, people make friends with persons of equal status or like minds. Very rarely, people of unequal status become friends. However, such relationship is short lived.

The mental and physical capabilities of a person determine the nature of friendship. The studious students make one group while those with a strong physique form another group. In the workplace also, people having the same cadre establish an association. However, the friendship occurs faster within a gender.

 A True relationship of mutual trust and help is bound to last forever. It always gives out and doesn't expect anything in return. One step further, a true friend tolerates all the pains in transforming a bad friend into a good personality. Even if the relationship is broken due to the misgivings or the tricks played by extraneous elements, the true friends identify and rectify them towards its restoration. Any friendship formed for temporary gains will break away sooner than later.

 The Chinese proverb says, 'Even two can sleep on a tamarind leaf if they are true friends.' The world-renowned Tamil classic Thirukkural states ' A good friend hastens to help during difficult times like the hands swiftly moving to prevent the loosening garments.' Friends of this sort are few and far between, and they live as Thick pals.

 East or west, the best friendship bears and beats the life's hardship. Set an example, as a friend, and then expect others to conduct like that. It is wonderful to be a good friend to even an enemy.

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