How to be a good boyfriend

To keep your relation fresh and young you got to do what a good boyfriend should do. Now don't get freaked out, I am not going to tell you stupid things like buy her a diamond ring or take her to a ride in limousine or taking her on an exotic cruise. What you have to do are simple things that would make her happy. Here is just a few

Respect: Respect is very important in a relationship. Respect your girl as your girl and as your partner. Make sure you don't fight in front of her friends, you might embarrass her. Be real proud of your love. Tell everyone how much you love her not how you made love last night.

Notice her/Give attention: Notice her every single change and tell her about it. If she doesn't have any change say just say anything like did you cut your hair? You look beautiful.
Impress Parents: Introduce her to your parents and be really nice to her parents. Try your best to impress them.

Be a man: Be a man. Always fight for her. If someone tries to hurt her feelings take her side. Just make sure you don't get beaten up.

Never say she deserves someone else: Don't say things like you are out of my league or you deserve someone better or I am just too ugly for a beautiful girl like you. When a girl truly likes someone she really doesn't care about the looks. She only likes for what you really are. So saying such things might be disrespecting her love.

The Coat thing: Each and every guy knows this coat thing. Whenever she feels cold give her your coat or jacket.

Do random things: Do random things that will help you interact with her. Write something sweet and funny on a piece of paper and give it to her.

Make her laugh: Try to make her laugh. 99.8% girls fall in love with the guy who makes them laugh. This is probably why she likes you. But it's sad because you don't try to make her laugh anymore cause you have already won her heart.

Adore her: Whenever you are having a romantic talk hold her hands, Pull her cheek while she smiles but I don't prefer holding hands for too much longer. It kind of makes you look like penguins.

Hug her: hug her when you say goodbye

Sing her a song: Sing her a song after she says hello. It doesn't matter how bad you sing, what matters is you are trying to do something nice for her.

There are tons of other things you can do to make a girl feel special. Just be creative and do everything genuinely from your heart. The most important thing in any relationship is trust. So make sure you don't lie to her no matter how ugly the situation might get. In the long run it will be good for both of you.

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