How To Live Your Life

There is a voice within each of us that desires to be heard and when we finally make the approach to listen our life is transformed.

Why is it so hard to appreciate positivity while accepting all the negativity in the world as gospel according to certain ungracious individuals and corporations? Take a leap of faith right now and know that you can live the life of your dreams by making a positive decision.

When you decide - follow it up with action as spontaneously as possible if not sooner because the quicker you reciprocate with the decision the sooner you shall see results. Go for it and reap rewards. I decide is a very powerful rhythm that eases music into your veins, welcomes the orchestra of the universe and then the chorus sings harmoniously lifting your spirits so graciously that negativity slips out of the lights and into oblivion.

There is only one decision to make and that is to embrace LOVE – pure unconditional Love and then the curtain rises and the stage is set for the career of your life with you as the primary lead. Imagine being the lead in the best blockbuster ever filmed?

I have something to tell you here and that is you are in that film and it is about time you faced the cameras and began living your part as a living prayer. No one can take it away from you but you yourself. No one can rob it from you, tarnish it or even embellish it with nonsensical formulas because you are in charge. After all you are the lead, the writer and the director except for one important relevant inclusion.

You are not alone. I am not alone. We are not alone.

I love working with teams especially when their entire purpose is to recognize that it the talents of the team that bring out the best in me. Yes, while I am in the lead it takes the teamwork of the universe helpers to effectively create the masterpiece of life that is my very own blockbuster.

Living within the tantrums of current modes of behavior leaves me open to discrepancies and limitations. Why am I doing that to my own blockbuster? Do I now believe I am worthy of immense success?

Yes I do!

My decision then is to say quite passionately and with confidence that ‘I DECIDE' from this moment forth to begin to live my own living prayer and not be side tracked by the prayers of others. The universe has an agreement with each human that when we realize our true potential and follow through with making those few words easily heard with focused determination all assistance will arrive.

‘I Decide', ‘I am Deciding', and as many more as you can conceive with passion will be foundations to your LIVING PRAYER manifesting in reality and the cinema of your life will add a new blockbuster to its stream of accolades with your name written in big lights. How magical eh? Go for it!

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