Walking in The Light of Christ

To walk in the Light of Christ one must understand the truth of Christ and not the implied teachings of Christ by those with ulterior motives i.e. misinformation through misinterpretation. Do you desire to exist and to die or to live and ascend? Replace literal interpretations with lateral creativity and soon you shall know!

There is no separation between Christ, Buddha, Mohammad or any other luminary teaching love and its magnificence. All of us including teachers of spirit arrive from the ONE SOURCE and all return to that source – Divine Universe. Due to rampant abuse there is massive distrust with particular words like God so let us acquaint with life through LOVE.

Remove from your vocabulary words like religion and spiritual because neither is relevant to the purpose of being. While religion may apply to any habit spiritual does not exist except as a label in human parlance. You are spirit not spiritual; henceforth know spirit within without because you do not have to be anything but spirit.

The Light of Christ is LOVE, it is living by choosing life in truth that all is not as it seems. It is more than the visible and it is the knowing that the Universe is abundantly magnificent without weakness or scarcity. Life is Love is life Lovingly gifted.

Thus it matters not where you reside, what creed, race or gender you inhabit because in essence all of us are ONE. There is also no separation in this universe because the Light of Christ which is the Divine Light or Universal Light bridges the space between all things.

The Light of Christ is within without everyone everything everywhere without bias but inclusive in order to thrive through meditative communion. There is only One Community and that is the Community of Life in myriad expressions - for example – earth - wind - fire - water - spirit and ether etc.

Organized religions defy the logic of life through separation, limits and power which consequently prevent LOVE from manifesting in purity; thus we know bartering and conditional love. The opposite of human love is fear but true Love has no opposite thus it is Light of Christ – Light of Buddha - Light of Mohammad etc. and loves everything because it KNOWS LOVE in everything.

If every human on this planet would embrace and know Love then all other aspects of nature would follow suit and death would never exist; period. You can see now that death is an ally of human bartering which contradicts the essence of Life which is Living. Today you have a choice and may you choose life over the ignominy of existing. Begin to see and KNOW LOVE in everything everywhere.

While Jesus Christ is synonymous with Christianity we must know that Jesus is the man and Christ is the Divine Spirit manifesting in human form. Was Christ a Christian? Was Buddha a Buddhist? No they were not and would not have chosen any labels to define LOVE other than being. ‘Forgive them Lord for they know not what they are doing!'

It is impossible to LOVE if one harbors grudges, anger, intolerance, racism, sexism and all the myriad expressions of fear masquerading as success/failure in this material world.  If you truly desire to Walk in the Light of Christ shed attachments to everything including your body and most especially depraved paradigms.

What are depraved paradigms? Those practices or belief systems that prevent openness, trust and Loving Expansiveness through recognizing the Oneness in the multiplicity of togetherness within the Universe and as such delay Love's experience. We have said it before and we shall say it again – all things are individual expressions of the one essence. Just like ice steam rain snow rivers lakes ponds oceans represent water - humans animals birds plants fish solids liquids etc. represent Divine Universe or Life/Love.

With Christ consciousness one invariably knows that there is no limit to resources so please know abundance in all things always and everywhere. Do not believe the naysayers who have ulterior motives, namely profit, when they say resources are depleting because all is not as it seems to the human perception.

Walking in The Light of Christ exemplifies the understanding and living the truth of being with pure love emanating without bias and as such one is a beacon of Light. In order to attain this level of consciousness there are particular steps which sages and saints through the ages have outlined for us. The important and primary step is recognizing that all is not as it seems and as such one seeks to KNOW truth rather than believe what others say is truth.

To arrive with the Light of Christ spend time in quiet meditation on the essence of who you are by asking ‘Who Am I' then silently awaiting the answer. One of the greatest benefits of meditation is to develop intuitive knowing that the Light of Christ resides within. Thus, as you glance about the world you recognize Divine Love everywhere. You are not here to die; you are here to live with grace and beauty so please always choose love, life and living so you may ascend through Walking in the Light of Christ.

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