Ways To End Abuse in All Segments of Society

As long as we approve of religious interference throughout societal structure, which permeates business, educational and political aspects of societal structure we shall never solve abuses. Religions interpret Divine instruction to suit their own ulterior agendas, which strive to undermine human equality, which then leaks into political and business environments. Do not confuse religious ideology with spiritual truths because they are as different as chalk and cheese.

Children, women and the working class receive dictatorial instructions, which demean their capabilities. You may say it is brainwashing, which is reinforced by financial institutions that diligently break the bank, which impoverishes the people further.

Religions urge the people to offer their suffering as penance inducing the proverbial god to accept this sacrifice and pave the way for everlasting joy. Total biology, which needs to stop as soon as possible if not sooner, because it is fictitious.

The people need to listen between the lines read between the lines and make educated decisions based on the truths as told by the mystics through the ages. These truths depict the importance of knowing that Divine Presence is not the same as the proverbial god depicted by religions. It is ludicrous to believe that Divine Presence/God is a diminutive minded domineering hard-wired sexist/racist deity. Good grief what kind of god would that be? Sorry – a depraved man.

Through these deliberate misinterpretations, minuscule-minded imbecilic patriarchs and matriarchs dominate with exclusivity and absolute freedom. All these serve the minute few really well because they believe in their own superiority, which is delusional.

There is no such thing as superiority or inferiority except thought that makes it so, thus dismiss all feelings and thoughts that undermine individual and societal evolution. Every single person is a spiritual being within a human body and as such has equal standing with Divine Presence.

It is time for a full-scale reformation, except this time it must be all-inclusive, leaving no religion or political structure untouched. Infallibility by religions paves the way for dominance, which flows into abuse of many formats. Dominance by any country or union of states is contrary to universal freedom thus; their time of influential decision making has to be reversed.

Patriarchal, matriarchal, and sectional dominance have to be eradicated if we are ever going to enjoy the truth of universal offerings.  Patriarchs et al believe in lack because if they believed in abundance there would be no place for their existence. They use their theories of lack to instill fear, which paves the way for exploitation.

Life is meant to be exceedingly peaceful, harmonious and just for all beings with abundance for everyone. The fiction of lack undermines our spiritual evolution and does nothing but serve to keep us in shackles.

The absolute and primary way for abuses to end is for each of us to believe in our own worth. We achieve this by totally changing current educational systems, which do nothing but stupefies the general populace. We remove religions from influencing every aspect of life and we teach spiritual illumination through meditation. We eradicate belief systems that enforce male dominance replacing them with instructions that enhance respectful dignified relationships across the board.

We must learn from all the mystics through the ages that meditation is the primary route for spiritual education and we must depart from religious dominance. We do not and never did need religions to reach Divine Presence. What we needed nay required are lessons or instructions in meditational approaches, which would bring us into harmony with the universe and not the current mad-wired alchemy of military influences.

While this may seem aggressive this is not the intention but the necessity for the end of abuses requires haste not pontification of religious, business and political infallibility. Thousands of years of wars prove nothing except to indicate how inept and blind we the people truly are to allow this perpetuation of lies to continue. All that has changed through thousands of years of destruction is the variety of tools and instruments we apply and avail of to destroy each other.

Peaceful mindsets pave the way for harmony, which will align us with the Divine Intention of evolution instead of human destruction.

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