Are we loosing something or everything in our little effort to gain more!

In today's materialistic world, when we love someone we want to satisfy our feelings by collecting reasons for that passion. Love needs no language and no reason as well. It is highly unlikely that we change our look/belongings to inculcate love in someone's heart. If we do so, it is because we live in a materialistic world where love is sometimes measured by things, gifts, wealth, concrete items etc.

For example: when we had no mobile phone, we used to call when we were free and when nobody was around to disturb us so that we could talk to each other in a sexy mood and with nice words. This type of communication lasted for a few minutes to a few hours, depended upon our commitments. Now we have many mobile phones with a lot of credit but we hardly find any time to talk to each other rather we always get annoyed due to untimely and purposeless calls and wastage of time. Moreover we never pick it up because we do not want to get disturbed mentally and emotionally.

Second example: when we had no car, we used to travel on the bike and sit relatively closer to each other than a bloody car in which we listen to music (always opposite to each other's taste) or our fight on some trivial matter. Of course when we have two separate cars, we will be more close to each other and happily married!

Third example: when we had no home we used to stay in the hotel where we passed a few hours together, really together. When we had a home with one bedroom, we had to live together in that home whereas in a home with two bedrooms, we used to spend nights in our separate rooms while thinking of each other all night! Now we have separate homes, of course we can miss each other and feel much closer!

Fourth example: when we had one television set, we used to watch the same program together at one time while sitting on a launch. Now we have two sets and we watch TV in different timings and in different rooms-ultimately closer to each other.

Fifth example: when we had no computer in our home, we used to switch off TV and sleep. Now we have computer to search the internet and to entertain us in many ways so we can easily spend nights while working on it. Of course it does not matter whether we are good in bed or not because our partner is the internet!

Sixth example: when we had not enough money, we used to go to market, and search for something very beautiful and inexpensive to give to our beloved ones and spend hours on this project. Now we have enough money to select and order online something beautiful and expensive along with a nice card to give it to our spouse and amazingly it will be delivered by some cute guy on some special occasion. Wow! It is a great idea as you don't even bother to write your name with your pen and say something from your heart because you already know each other and are much closer than before!

I am not saying that advancement is not good for human development, but I have not seen any good change in most people's lives due to especially advancement in technology and modern cultural ideas. If we divide twenty-four hours into different segments, we rarely find a few hours for our entertainment daily and those few hours are usually spent while sitting in front of T.V or Monitor whereas those moments must be spent with each other doing something together as a family. Of course we cannot leave the use of technology at all but for the reason we are becoming so much dependent on it that we cannot see each other for long periods of time, we need to think again. We need to find out what time is enough to spend on machines and what time is must to give to our family.

Conclusively, we need to find a way between our endless struggles for a better life and to spend time freely and carelessly with peace and love among our family members. In this way neither our economics would suffer nor are our relationships spoiled.

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