Assumption of Paradise to Hell

Human way of living is in such a circumscribed way that no one being able to notice that they are living such a way under the control of others un-noticeably. We have rights which say whatever we do is wrong saying we are violating the rights of others. We have relations which will say living for them is true relation no matter how hard are the days with you. We have society which follows some rules laid by people from ages and determines good, bad, right and wrong based on them rather than using the organ called brain. We have energy which will be shown as a proper way of tuning our physic in to well design muscles.

As we are surrounded by people of similar way of thinking as mentioned above, so any one person who tries to live his life in real meaning of freedom using his own ways called a Big Idiot. Because the actual meaning of being normal to the people around is living according to predefined rights and wrongs without scrutinizing whether those predefined rights and wrongs are whether truly right or wrong. It is happening so because once if I come to know that what I assumed as right is wrong and vice versa, all my friends appears to be enemies, all my well wishers appears to be selfish, all our relations appears to be fake, and all our living appears to be acting.

So in order to avoid falling in to such a dilemma, most people will lead their lives in such a way called as LIFE.

That life will be in such a way that:

  • When I feel, hurting others is wrong most say it is good because they are also one of those others;
  • When I say it's my fault they think that I am very broad minded because I'm not finding their faults;
  • When I say may I help you they say the humanity is still alive because they found someone to do their work;
  • When a person kicks my enemy it seems to be justice done because my inner intention is fulfilled;
  • When my dear one intentionally falling in to trouble I'll get worried because it will later be my trouble to solve it;
  • When I help someone, I feel the achievement because that person will be loyal to me and others will praise me;
  • When I spend my day without any pressure it looks like paradise because every time I dream my life to be cool rather than hard learning.

According to Point a, hurting others is wrong in situations like, when my teacher who taught me moral lessons and behaving in a immoral way with fellow beings in front of me, I'll never point him/her mistake because it's going to hurt him/her. If my sense told to be true and I ask him/her about what he/she said and what he/she did then entire school will call me a harsh and radical one.

According to Point b, owning it as our fault is right in situations like, when one who is dear to us will hurt us and it will cause a severe damage to us either physically/psychologically/economically we still need to take it as our fault to avoid their guiltiness. Other than that if we point out their fault that truth costs loss of one relation.

According to Point c, offering help others is right in situations like, when a old man without cloths lying on platform with no food and no strength to move, is given food, cloth and a shelter is good but real help is helping the one who has all what that old guy doesn't have but unable to lead his/her life due to some problems which surrounded by his/her own fault. No one has time to realize that the problem of others unless their problem is solved.

According to Point d, third person fulfilling our intention is appreciable in situations like, winning over our opponent against whom we lost, or one who pointed our mistake in public, being hurt by some other person even in an illicit way. Then that will make us feel happy because the person who said what we did is wrong was also proven wrong by some other person.

According to Point e, worrying for troubles of our dear ones is great because, when our dear ones whose problems are always our responsibility to solve we would try to restrict them rather than solving them because restricting problems doesn't require dealing with issues that cause knowledge to our dear ones. This is one of the very worst situations which make children not to learn anything practically.

According to Point f, I would like to help others only because I never know the real problem of others only thing I have noticed is whenever I help others people around call me he is such a kind hearted such a great person and I don't want to lose that identity but no one notices one thing that I'll help them only when I can and they praise me only when I help. For both these can & help only requirement is money. In that case where is the real meaning of help going?

According to Point g, a good day is a day with no hard learning, every day I want to end my day as routine as possible because an unique day always have a lot of new things to deal with, which needs a lot of efforts to fulfill new things which I have never experienced. So according to me having pleasant day means not learning new things every day which turns me in to a wise man but letting my life end up with no hard learning's. I like to have exciting times only in my vacations.

All these points clearly mention our routine life style which is supposed to be the actual normal way of leading the life. People who are living beyond these boundaries are considered as abnormal persons and are treated as Fools. But what society forgets is such people never care what society thinks and says they will just live life and will not perform life.

Living means not letting  our thoughts, emotions, relations making us weak and tending us to feel sympathetic to our self. The day when one feel sorry for self is the day he stopped living and started performing. When one stop living and start performing it leads to death. So, in order to stop your death start living once you start to live the surroundings, the time, the people, the relations which appears to be very vulnerable to you so far will vanish and you will land in to a real paradise.

So the day when one feels sick of having influenced life and start to create a life having life in it, with no false rights, fake happiness, familiar relations but real rights, true happiness and actual relations. That is the day when the planet we are living is converted in to the earth. Till then we will be under the control of great illusionists called politicians and great broad minded people called entrepreneurs feeling that the world created by them all around us is a real life and the benefits they throw to bait us as our triumph.


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