Doughty Life Wants No Guiding Signs

He is driving on road to visit a customer who  purchased a big order traffic lights from his company.

He enjoys the the time when the car galloped along the road  like a horse ,which spurs him to maintain the lead. If you are the leader you are very stressed because  one step behind will fill you with dread and you feel your advantage disappears. It is exactly the passion and fanaticism for speed that skyrocket him to greater heights in his career. The BBM traffic lights company he found in 2005 is thriving and growing at great speed. But he deeply understands that in order to succeed in a global, competitive, and fast-changing environment, every step of the way must be founded on the basis of patient pursuit that can never be  abandoned by temporary success.

Business is as fierce as war ,and times are changing rapidly.Therefor each link in the development will be critical to the success or failure. He is always cautious and conscientious to running businesses to ensure all these factors cannot be taken lightly in case that he made a wrong decision which may completely ruins all of his efforts.

It is in the spring that trees come into flowers and in autumn that the moon get full,which is an invariable rule of nature. However flower will fades away and the moon will wane which is variable evolved from an invariable rule.

It is just like human life which is full of sudden changes and unintended results. You are little certainty about what lies ahead. There are common things that one minute a man who is richest man on lists with high wage, limousines, luxurious houses and beautiful girlfriends ,nevertheless the next he go broke as a lost dog. A hottest female star is pure and innocent maidens in the public eye one moment ,then the sexual scandal titillated the whole country and the once-bright future has been dimmed.

A truck mounted led arrow board which indicates  by a flashing yellow arrow pointing to the right comes within his range of vision when his mind is wandering off. He jerks the wheel to the right and when he pulled into the driveway indicated by the led arrow board,he finds that the road is being built in opposite directions on led arrow board. If he failed to see the led arrow board lights in time and moved forward, an accident would occur .Thanks to the led arrow board!

Guiding signs can be seen everywhere and are incorporated into our lives. It suddenly struck him that how wonderful if there are directional arrow board which can led us to success. Usually fear comes from uncertainty of the unknown, If there is a magical led arrow turn signals will warn you about dangerous conditions and help you find your way when you are walking in the crossroads of life.

If directional arrow board magically existed, pointing in the right direction at the right time , you will makes no choice and exercises no judgment . Because turning left or right is predetermined .It would be like that as soon as you are born God will tell you what kind of person you will be in the future.

However, as we approach immortality, omniscience and omnipotence, will our lives  still have meaning?

Do you remember The Truman Show? Truman is forced to into a predefined social role and a predefined life laid out in front of him. The outcome of his life is prearranged, which is the the most painful, isn't it?

The enchantment of life lies in unknown. This is exactly the reason your blood boil and have the courage to pursue your dreams .Precisely because unknown, people will experienced a failure in the journey. But it is for that very reason that people will pick themselves up to start all over again every time they fall. Because unknown and uncertainty usually implies hopes.

So, maybe being tired, overwhelmed and frustrated is the normal status in our truely human lives. Doughty life wants no directional arrow board.

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