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There is just way too much going on in one's mind nowadays. There is the stress from work, tension from the kids, problems with relationships , health issues from various intoxicants etc. It is not that these problems have just come up, they have always been around, it is just that there are more of it now than ever before. Well that is the courtesy of our new pretentious lifestyles.

Now from these various negative thoughts, there are some that you can help and others that are going to keep bothering you no matter what. The ones that are going bother you no matter what are the ones that reflect on your basic responsibility and that is something that everyone living in a society has. Maybe sometimes too much of it. Anyway, what about the others that can be managed? Well that is just your instinctive paranoia kicking in. Yes, it is easy to just push it away like that but let's try and address it. There are thoughts that we just try and keep to ourselves. Some of us have a close buddy to share it with while some of don't. Some of us don't like to share such thoughts and issues from our lives and some of us want to but there is never anyone around to hear, listen and help.

These maybe thoughts and emotions from one's workplace about maybe one's growth there or maybe about one's current position or the society one deals with there. It could be the problems one faces with one's personal relationship or maybe the issues from back home, from one's family. These might actually be problems or maybe they just seem to you because that is how you perceive it. Nevertheless these will definitely invoke thoughts that can trouble one's mind. These thoughts maybe troubling you in an acute fashion or they could go ahead and be a chronic one. The aftermath could vary from just ruining your current mood to having a long depression phase which could darken your personality. The problems arising from these thoughts maybe ones that have already occurred in the past or ones that are happening and can have very prominent consequences in your life.

Now for the problems that one can somehow solve, I would say go ahead and dust off those shoulders and get to it and get to it hard! But then what about the many problems that one face in life that are just out our hands and we just can't do anything about.  These problems exist and they may directly or indirectly affect you but you have no say in it. These problems will create dark thoughts and slowly eat your mind away until you are clinically in a state of depression. Nobody wants to be in that position. This is where your mind's reality comes into play. Now what do I mean by mind's reality? Well to put it in simple words, what you perceive is your reality. By this I mean, let us say you are at the supermarket at the end of a busy day at the work and now you are standing in a long queue. The cashier at the counter is doing her job but she seems to be doing it very slowly. Now there are people in these scenarios that will go off the handle and shout at her and call her incompetent and other hurtful words. Now finally after an excruciatingly long 5 minutes it is your turn at the counter. What are you going to be doing? Now this entire situation is actually being interpreted in your mind.  There is isn't any time to find out if she is actually very slow at her job. You have the power of manipulating how you are going to perceive this situation. It could be that she has had an equally busy day and she too is exhausted. She might have started her job almost at the same time as you and yet she is still here working and taking all the shit that other are throwing at her. This sort of compassionate perception will change your way of seeing reality. But this was just one example.  The truth is that the problems you face seldom comes and bites you. It is the thoughts that form in our mind that can almost kill you.

Once you understand that these thoughts are nothing but the products of our own creations we can mould them and colour them to be more hopeful ones. Ones that won't eat up your mind, ones that will let you sleep at night. All this sounds good but to put it to practice is very difficult. We have to keep reminding ourselves to not take the darker path. After all we are discussing those issues that we cannot do anything about , so let it resolve itself and we can at the mean time glide by without having to kill our minds in the process.

To be able to free our minds at our will ,will make us a step closer to being the masters of our own minds.

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