Mantras For A Better Memory

Has this ever happened to you? You go into a room to get something and then totally forgot why you went in there in the first place. You have five things to get from the supermarket and return with only four, and for the life of you, can't remember what is the fifth item.  Then you start to bemoan to yourself that your memory is not what it use to be.

Humans have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and 90% of your thoughts today are the same as yesterday. Imagine if some of these thoughts are thoughts of you remonstrating to yourself "Why is my memory so bad?", "I am so absent-minded" or "My memory is getting worse" and it gets ingrained into your unconscious mind. When you next forget something, your conscious mind will start to match up your internal speech with external evidences and this becomes a cycle of evidence that indeed, proves you are getting old and more forgetful and you are losing gray matter in your brain.

A few decades ago, scientists researching Schizophrenia made an astonishing discovery. When a Schizophrenic changes personality, the physical attributes of that personality also change. For example if one personality is allergic to peanut butter, when the next personality surfaces, and if that personality likes peanut butter, the second personality can eat a peanut butter sandwich without any ill effects. Scars, bruises and pains also mysteriously disappear as personalities come and go.

The brain has such astounding powers to change a person's reality that, not only the voice of a person with Schizophrenia can change, physical ailments like the need to wear vision correcting glasses also disappear as personality changes. A near-sighted person with one personality suddenly has perfect vision as another personality takes its place.

It is not too far fetched therefore that repeating self-defeating thoughts to oneself everyday can have far reaching consequences.  Such thoughts can make self-fulling prophecies like forgetfulness, come true.  What if we repeat to ourselves positive and affirming thoughts to ourselves, can we change the way we look at things and improve our memory?  Recent studies into depression seems to suggest so. A person with depression can lift his mood by taking a placebo for a anti-depression pilsl and meditating on peaceful, calm and joyful thoughts.

So the next time you feel the need to remonstrate yourself over something you forgot, be kind to yourself.  You might want to practise reciting a positive mantra to improve your memory. A mantra is nothing more than a word or phrase that eastern cultures use to alter consciousness. Tony Robbins, a famous motivator and coach call them incantations. Whether you call them affirmations, mantras, declarations or incantations, they do work.

So try a daily practice of saying to yourself a few times a day  "My memory is getting better day by day", "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better at remembering". "My life is improving and I am remembering". Soon that part of your brain called the RAS or "Reticular Activating System" will start to gather evidence that you indeed are remembering things and it matches your external world.

Whatever affirmations you choose to employ always state it in the positive and keep it short. Avoid using negative words like "forget". For example "I am getting less forgetful everyday" because the brain can latch on to the negative word "forgetful".

Repeat your positive affirmation to yourself a few times a day.  You don't have to say it out loud.  It can just be as effective saying them in your head.  Here's another tip for a stronger, improved memory. You can also paste "Post it" notes of such positive affirmation throughout the house, for instance, on the bathroom mirror, make up mirror, next to the telephone, on your desk or laptop etc. I can guarantee that in a few weeks, you'll have a stronger, more improved memory and you will have far less instances of absent-mindedness.

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