Non-existence or Existence?

We always worry about things that mostly don't even exist. We forever pine about our tagic past, complain about the present hurdles we have to face and stress over the future that is yet to come. We miss the times that have passed. We shed tears for those who are not with us. We try to remember those who probably erased us from their memories. We still wait for those who are never meant to return. We try to find reasons of sadness to feel sorry for rather than finding happiness to enjoy.

Is this life?Why are we doing this? For whom are we doing this?What are we doing it for?The present moment of life that we live in, our loved ones who are forever there with us, till this day of our life, the luxuries that we own now, the happiness evn though small at the moment- dosen't these have any value in our lives?Why do we existing humans search for a reality in non-existence?We always allow the past events and memories to haunt us. As a result we forget about our present and can never imagine our future.

It is time for a change.We have to erase the past and move forward. It is in the human nature to be more concerned about what we don't have rather than being happy over what we have. We ourselves are responsible for allowing sorrow to win over victory and happiness.

We must realize that by doing so, we are not only hurting ourselves but also the others who surround us. Our actions always reflect our inner thoughts and it always sends out vibes amidst the others. Its important that we spread the right aura and aroma of life amongst all.

Life is too short to cry. A day gone would never be back. An opportunty lost is never received again. Life always gives you a second chance but if you miss it, then you probably never learn to live.A moment lost is a defeat earnt.

Its not important that whether your life is long or short. Its immportant that what you do with it. It is a fact that lige gives us alot of setbacks. That does not mean that we succumb to the tragedies and sit back. We need to learn from them and backfire to the challenges of life.

Remember as long as your heart beats ,you are alive. If you are alive, then you are responsible for each and every moment of it. Make it fruitful. Everyone is worthed. Sense the beauty of life and realise the value of time.

Dance as if you are the best dancer in the world, sing aloud so that even you create a harmony, love truly so that even you can redefine your destiny and face your challenges that even you create history.

Bring a positive change is the attitude towards life We  must learn to seize each moment of our lives. It is time to come forward and make our choices between non-existence and exisence!

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