Once is Enough

As creatures gifted with an ability that is only unique to us, we are expected to do more. We are capable of fabricating new things that are original to us and to the people around us which makes it remarkable. If you'll pause and take notice of the things that are currently transpiring, you'll be amazed by the changes that never simmer down. Just in the case of technology where every second that goes by is spent in developing a tool or software set to improve human dealings. But when it becomes an everyday subject, the spark dies out.

A perfect example will be the latest gadgets that keep sprouting all over the place non-stop. It's always the same functionality, design, and logic. It's too repetitive that it lost the magic. I don't get why they have to do that when they know the possible repercussions that may arise. You get stuck; then you're stuck. Why make it annoying? Ha!

We tend to do things again and again. Sometimes we become unaware of it because it has turn into something of an instinctive act. You have to do something about that if you want to be the interesting person that you strive to become.

People who are popular in history are known for many deeds but never the same thing. Newton didn't have an apple fall down again just so he could procure another law besides gravity. It only happened once which is why there is only one law about gravity. The thing to remember if you wanted to become an unforgettable personality is to do things once. One might say it is a prerequisite to gain an overwhelming reputation. Just like the following scenarios:

  • When you're trying to impress someone, instead of doing an extravagant-style of surprise, do it the old-fashioned way. There's a huge chance that this person you are infatuated with will be expecting something that's classy like an expensive dinner in a five-star restaurant. You could get ideas from people who share their ideas over the net like the one with the smartphone app that he developed as his proposal to the woman of his life. It was totally unpredictable and was clearly exerted with effort. Possess his way of thinking and you're good to go.
  • In the case of TV programs, the theme should be different from the shows that are already being aired. If it's the same plot you watch over and over again, the audience will get bored and actors will soon lose their jobs.
  • Another excellent example is the job expectation with graphic designers. In order for the company to sell, they have to conceive fresh designs that aren't yet displayed across the market. It has to be unique and carefully thought of; otherwise, it's mere trash.

Once is enough. Never do the same thing twice. Think, rethink, and then devise.

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