Psychological Implications Of Communication Styles

Identify your Communication Style or that of others you know. It may be harming your relationships at home or at work. You may find the information informative or curious. It could make a difference to your life.

  1. Placater communication style: This person counts self out and  agrees to most things without giving an opinion, just to keep the peace. Sometimes the Placater uses whining and pleading to be understood. This does not build respect. The Placater is fearful of expressing anything emotional. Also this person doesn't ask for what is needed thinking it's selfish to ask for things. A belief that' I'm here to make others happy and negates own feelings or needs, This person is hard to get to know.
  2. Blamer communication style. This person blames, attacks and disagrees with others dismissing others. This person is self-centred and can be abusive and hurtful intentionally or unintentionally. The Blamer is quick to find fault in others and tends to want to be a boss or dictator, acting superior. Thinking or wanting to be always right.  "Its my way or the highway". This person is not intent on finding out about others thoughts or feelings and doesn't express personal feelings or thoughts.
  3. Computer like communication style - This is the super reasonable person and may dismiss self and others input. This person is very intellectual, correct and reasonable, not talking about "you" and "me" - deals with the situation only not being aware of the personal or emotional aspects of self or others. This person may talk super-logically and factually like a compute over the head of others.
  4. Distracter communication style - This person distracts a conversation with irrelevant comments or behavior if the situation may become emotional or personal which could cause tension. This person tends to avoid, negates, and dismisses not giving a response to a point. Direct questions may not be answered, instead may raise another question on a different topic. The distraction can be in the form of jokes to avoid focusing or to diffuse tension. This person may refuse involvement, and people don't know what person feels or thinks.
  5. Congruent – leveling communication style. This is the effective communicator.This person shows there is a place for self and others and words fit with feelings. Conversation is relevant with a clear meaning, authentic tone and feeling. This person takes responsibility for thoughts and actions and is prepared to take the consequences. This person expresses self assertively and is willing to understand the other person. They have flexible thinking.

If you can identify that you use any communication style from 1-4 above, then you may be having trouble with relationships at home or at work. These styles are learned and can be unlearned and effective communication styles can be used and practiced to make effective changes in your life. Counseling with a professional in person or with online therapy can help make these changes for a better life.

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