Self-Esteem Your Power

Without self-esteem, its like cutting off your life line to success. Self-esteem is a primary factor in shaping and molding the values and virtues of a successful individual. It is also a primary factor in establishing a person's outlook towards ambition and success. It is said that a person who is more confident about himself, the more focused and determined the person is to aim for achieving a better status in life, regardless of whether it be for career, success, ambition, family or personal gain.

To better understand and define self –esteem, it is a holding of ones-self in high regard as a result of several factors that determine a person's self worth. Self- esteem does not seem to regard ones-self as perfect, nor does it demand from a person to be faultless or blameless. Rather it is of valuing yourself as priceless or in high esteem. This is what makes a person confident in himself/herself or what makes him/her keep their head up in the face of trials and obstacles. It can be considered a measure of a persons ability to see past the bad, with the knowing that everything will be alright regardless of the outcome of the situation.

Self- esteem can also aid a person in making better choices, especially when it comes to personal development, educating or of physical appearances. Self- esteem begins as a person's consciousness develops and takes shape, it is where a person starts to measure his/herself to there own value or self worth. It also shapes how a person looks at themselves and compares themselves or assesses themselves to the environment of their surroundings or a comparison to others. But this is all just being a little too self-critical. The solution is accept who you are, flaws and all. Discover what you want to be like, develop a picture in your mind of how you want to be living. What you want to have in your life and move forward, toward it with the knowing that you can have, be or do what you desire with your own belief/confidence in yourself and your abilities. Regardless of what others may say, do or think about you. You are created in Gods' Own Image (PERFECT). There is not anything that you cannot do if you but fix your mind upon your object of desire and move toward it, doing the things you must..

Do people like me for being me? Do other people judge me for how I look, talk or act ? Do people talk behind my back? These are but some of the common questions that help hold people down. Men must understand and gauge his values as a person. Believe me these questions do not help develop self-esteem, they create the exact opposite of character and strength. People with low self –esteem are usually those who often do not regard themselves highly as they ought to. Having good self –esteem is having the ability to make good choices and to go after what you truly desire with the belief in your abilities to achieve anything in life. Anything you can perceive you can achieve. And I am telling you now that anything is possible for you to achieve, Just take a look around you. Look at all the things men/women have achieved. And they are no better than you, me or anyone. They just learned certain skills, techniques which you, me or anyone can do as well. And rise to unimaginable heights of success.

There is less likelihood that someone with a good sense of self –esteem could make decisions that could lead to his/her own downfall by making the right decisions, taking to mind the value of theirs and of others own personal feelings, safety, health and well- being. Some of the best measurements of achieving success are personality, your outlook and your attitudes toward achieving any desires in life. Self-esteem is truly another asset toward success.

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