Sensitivity is bliss!

Sensitivity is a term which has various meanings according to situation and type. It can be define in physic term indicating the personality type or patience level of a person or it may define as a type of allergy or medication effect on any microorganism or on a human. But generally speaking, in our daily routine it is more related to the human nature. A considerable part of the human society does have this quality. These people are different from others in many ways.

It takes me about twenty two years of my life to understand the fact that sensitivity is a blessing on a person. It's not something which should not be the part of your personality.

But ‘What the sensitivity is actually?' this was also a painful question for me for a long time.

When I was a child I find myself bothering about a lot of things which other children of my age did not pay attention to. I felt myself crazy many times about myself. I could sense the odd and mean behavior of others towards me or any other child. But I was unable to give my feeling words then.

I rarely find myself comfortable with anyone. I grew up with the same feeling. I found myself being ‘choosy' about everything rather it's the company of people which I might have to join or the food or even any materialistic stuff. As I got enter into my teenage I was the same cranky pot. I had few selected friends. I always prefer to hang out with my close one rather big groups of fellows. I did not find myself pleased with every third person. Time moved on and I got enter into university. Till then I had become more thoughtful and particular about everything.

I could feel every single word said by anyone. I could sense the lechery of eyes behind the words. I used to observe the involuntary actions of one's personality. Sometime I made an observation about a person and I had an idea what this person really wants and it comes out as reality later on. I was ‘hell observer' in short.

This all is easy to write but in reality it was quite painful to experience most of the time.  I kept considering myself a mad person. I used to think I might have any brain issues or might I have some wrong genes get activated. I studied my nature and other people like me and then I realized few facts which are so important to know all those who are like me or the parents who have child like me. My whole problem or uniqueness can be concluded in a single word ‘Sensitive nature'. But if I would specify it even more it would be called as ‘Ultra sensitive nature'.

Sensitive nature or ultra sensitive nature is not a negative phenomenon. It does not make you a mad person or a cranky one rather it is a blessing.

A sensitive person has good sensory details. He/she can taste every single ingredient from a cocktail food. They can understand every single beat of music and lyrics. They can feel nuances in meanings and more conscious about their actions and its outcomes. They own every single feeling more intensively like love, care, trust, respect, honor and even on the other side hate or disrespect. Sensitive people are really good observer. They can not only analyze the actions or words but they can sense the actual intentions beyond the actions. As sensitive people get effected by other so seriously that is why most of the time they are always conscious about their behaviors to others.

But if we look at the other side sensitive nature can be a big trouble most of the time. It is good sometimes not to understand everything. It becomes painful when you can sense every negative power behind every face or the bad intentions. When you know that you are just being used for someone's benefit or when you know that your relations do not understand you the way you want. It becomes highly painful and results can be verse.

The parent who have sensitive child should be more conscious about them. They should treat that child with little more care and tricks otherwise they can be a problem child for you also. As they can sense much negativity of the surroundings so there should be someone who can hold them to positive, who can make them realize that they are same good as others are. Friends/parents should make them understand that sensitivity is a positive element. They should not feel embarrass about it. They should use their positive energies to handle any situation and when they realize this fact they are good decision makers and can alter any situation for them.

I, myself have faced such situations when people laugh at me for being so sensitive and when they made fun of my emotional state and I got pissed off. I face that state of misery for long time and blamed myself every day for being such personality. Then I realize the facts and I understand how much I am privileged than others. I used all my positive energies and then I was shocked on results. I can feel every bit of world. Food, music, relations, problems and people are more interesting for me now than it was before.

So concluding this all stuff I would say sensitivity is blessing of God on you. We just have to realize it. Until we realize it this world is much bigger and interesting for us than others. And of course ‘Sensitivity needs sensitivity'. Parent should grow up their child with a little more positive perspective then they can be great people!

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