Techniques Used With Self Hypnosis

If you have been thinking about performing self hypnosis, there are a few techniques that you should perform to ensure your experience is successful. Hypnosis is a process that willfully makes use of our natural potential to go into a trance, to give information to our sub-conscious mind, developing positive alterations in our lives.

The first technique you should perform is a listing for the reason you want to perform self hypnosis. After you have written down the reason, make a list of all the outcomes that are possible. Do not edit this list in any way, be as detailed as possible. With this list go through and prioritize the things that you have written from the most important to the least. Once you have prioritized the list, your script is almost written. Put positive statements alongside each of your items. Such as "I am" or "I can" make the statements in the present tense. This tells your sub-conscious mind that you are performing something now, not in the future. Do not make statements such as "I have" that indicates past tense telling your sub-conscious mind that you have already done something, that nothing has to be done.

The script or auto suggestion that you will come up with is something that is tailored to your needs. It is something that you will respond to immediately. Your sub-conscious mind wants you to be happy. It wants you to be in a positive state. If you suggest to your sub-conscious mind to do something that it knows is in your best interests, it will.

After the script is complete, then you can start your self hypnosis session. Make sure that the session will not be interrupted or disturbed. Choose a place where you can make yourself comfortable. The place where you perform your self hypnosis should not be too cold or too hot. Avoid someplace where a breeze can cause a distraction. You should be in a place where you feel secure. Next you want to get into a comfortable position, sitting is a more preferable position than lying. Now you want to become completely relaxed. To do this, slow your breathing. Intake deep amounts of air slowly, while counting to 10. Hold for a moment, then release the air while counting to 10. Repeat this process several times. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Try to think of a place where you feel safe. Do not think about anything that you should, could, would, did, or will do. Think only about this process. Try to listen to your heart beat. If you can hear your heart beat, then you are in a good place. Where you want to be is in a trance right before sleep. When you are at this state of being, repeat your script to yourself. Do not read it. Repeat it from memory. Do this for several minutes. When you are ready, think to yourself to "wake up". Come out of the self hypnosis state. Take several deep breaths, try to listen for sounds around you. Then open your eyes.

You have communicated with your sub-conscious mind, giving it suggestions on a topic that you would like to improve in your life. Repeat this process over the next several days. Pay attention to the world around you, you will suddenly realize that the goal you have set is happening. When you put your mind to it, you can change your world.

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