The Disarray of Morals & Ethics

When it comes to Morals challenged by Ethics, it raises several questions Its not uncommon for us to overhear conversations on a daily basis that are made up of values,ethics and values. However we need to understand why we do not understand these issues We need to understand that knowing the difference itself would set the mind racing, trying to identify the basic differences that segregate Morals from Ethics is in itself a challenge. However how many of us are unable to justify the differences. We lack the intuition to do so, and even if we do have the intuition, we don't

Defining the thoughts of the mind is complex, however it is a self-made decision in the end,sad to say however, we are not able to decide.

The understanding on morals and ethics for many boils down to the same thing. Most believe that they are a set of values that can be applied to define between a just decision and an in-just decision, however the deeper the subject is probed, unique differences are discovered between morals and ethics. And the way individuals and groups of people alike start applying these rules , they gradually are able to isolate that difference between morals and ethics. Even thou, theses days many are aware of theses differences, we don't apply them to the maximum and nor do we justify on our actions and nor do we start learning about these critical life values.

Differences when quoted can be many, explanations maybe many, however we are not able to draw conclusions  A simple explanation for  this subject is ,behavior related to a group of people can be identified as ethics,but we shouldn't confuse the understanding of this subject as it could confuse indentifying values and differences. When speaking of morals , they are more individual related, and to a very large extent would be personal from a logical point of view.Till this moment we are not able to define,all live in a society which contributes vastly towards a creation of rules, and this is an occurrence that has been in the making for centuries, and it has been rules in society that have created the morals that we abide and live by, and we learn to live by these morals, failing which we would not be termed as moral individuals. Childhood teachings of ours have taught us,to  do the right things and avoiding the wrong things. We once again ask ourselves how much of these morals that we were taught as children have we integrated into our lives and we still haven't been able to figure out why we haven't done so

Decisions at the end of the day is a responsibility of each individual, and choices opted for would be scrutinized by the society, and it does leave one to wonder how much of society is responsible. There is no justification between correct and incorrect, there would only be an outcome of decisions and actions, and looking at the way society has been for thousands of years, immorality would always be punished, and no one really questions that fact.

Looking at ethics and what they relate to , they can be categorized as a collection of percepts and notions that we select to follow all our life , however ethics cannot be differentiated and nor can they be defined as incorrect or correct and the sole reason is that society harbors severe confusion on the same. Its funny how well society is spoken about in spite of all the obstacles they are responsible for. When speaking of huge multinational companies,lets talk about an industry that produces fertilizer. They overwork workers,resort to cutthroat competition , utilize all forms of business tools that are considered un-ethical ,underpay the employees ,however there isn't anything wrong in the system, as ethics which the organization has in place says "We should make to maximum profit with the minimum investment" but that doesn't stop us from living in the society

 Ethics Are Corporate and categorizes the kind of conduct of a group a person is associated with , be it related to an Industry, A Government body, continent, country or a group of people. They all live and work within boundaries that have certain severance attached, so it has been studied and noted that at any given time group ethics would overrun an individual morals, which makes the fact beings pointed out. We keep asking what is the point of personal morals, when ethics of the group we are involved in overrides values

The most common happening over the last thousand years, has been war,millions lose lives ,weapons of mass destruction are used and no one questions. Ideally speaking as head of a country I wouldn't be able to walk into the house of someone and take his life, but the ethics of my country empower me to employ air power and reduce my country's enemy to ashes. There remains no justification and no questions that are asked

 This brings the conclusion towards the Power of Ethics. Ignore your morals and face the consequences, on the other hand Ethics are extended to coincide with various atrocities which come in multiple forms, and these are the results of those who hold the reins to power. Over time there have been several unethical terms which are accepted today mostly because of those who hold the reins to power, so change has been inevitable. We are always confused since the start about the concept of Morals and Ethics, but in the end, it's those who are in power who have the final say. To understand the differences between Morals and Ethics requires the study of wide subject areas, starting from general understanding,to literature, psychology, cross continent politics, common affairs and religious study, however it remains as an unsolved chapter till date.

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