The Impact of Consumerist and Hedonistic Lifestyle

I will not discuss this issue globally, I only discuss the impact of consumerist and hedonistic lifestyle of rampant lately discussed, in fact, the pattern and lifestyle is very personal in nature, that was discussed here just want to share about the impact it.

Hedonic lifestyle patterns and even if it is embraced by the affluent society is not a problem, but if you follow the lifestyle of ordinary people as it will greatly impact on their economy, because of lifestyle tends to be very consumptive Hedonic, pleasure to use and has all kinds of goods that are branded , expensive and well known to its own satisfaction.

Very worried about this kind of lifestyle is embraced by the state officials, as all well know that the state officials that the revenue would be mixed, but most of his life style beyond measure, not to mention his wife lifestyle that goes in the socialite circles, it will increase the burden of household expenditure ladder. This is what was allegedly resulted in the many cases of corruption among state officials, the lifestyle and income that is not balanced.

Among the middle class is no exception, due to the hedonistic lifestyle is to become debt collectors pursued. There is a thinking style will show the degree of social life someone, in fact this assumption is wrong. The degree of one's life is not measured by how rich he is, or how high his position. Misperceptions in this perspective that ultimately changed his behavior, if able to be honest was not honest because they want to fulfill that desire.

Actually, the degree of a person is not measured by wealth or high rank, it will be a high degree of a person in the eyes of the public if he is able to provide benefits to the people, and thus he was a respected and loved by many, thus the higher the rank in society. This is a lot happening in our society, honor someone measure of wealth and high rank.

Every person living there measuring, when someone forced himself beyond measure that already exists, then only a matter of time only destruction. Riotous living by using the proceeds of corruption, end up in jail. Spree and style of living like the rich, but paid for by credit card, do not feel when using it, but when the bill comes before the head was going to explode, and then eventually try to escape pursuit by the credit card bill, but was unable, in the end find a shortcut to avoid, salvation is not earned, but instead of misfortune to come by.

This is the importance of living according to the dose that is, if it's not time not enforced, even if it is enabled, there is also a good idea on hold. Live in a dose of fairness should not be exaggerated, because the gods do not like the excessive rights. That is just my brief review of Lifestyle and social behavior, may be beneficial to us all.

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