The Innovative Teaching and Learning Pedagogy: The E-Teaching and E-Learning Tools

In the age of Information Revolution and in the era of Information and Communication Technology, the new teaching and learning tools are electronic in nature, be it educational software of the educational institution where teachers can share their educational resources with the learners, including e-study material of the subject(s), videos of the class lectures, additional study material for supplementary reading, articles and research papers related to the subject(s), posting subject assignments, business case studies or case studies related to the subject(s), and can also solve queries of learners online using electronic platform. Faculty blogs, case studies and role play shared on the educational software and faculty website with articles, research papers and case studies can also be an excellent learning tool.

Social media can also be used to disseminate learning resources in the form of sharing faculty authored business articles, case studies, role playing. Some of the e-teaching and learning tools are:

Faculty Blogs: Faculty Blogs with articles on the subject area, case studies, role playing, emerging trends in the subject area can contribute to enhanced learning for the learners and can provide supplementary educational resources for additional reading and learning. In the area of commerce and business management, business articles, business case studies, business role play business research papers can contribute to enhanced learning for the learners.

Educational Software: The educational software, where learners have access to study material and study resources in the form of supplementary notes, subject related articles, case studies, role play, emerging trends pertaining to the subject area(s), posting subject related queries which are answered by the faculty or fellow learners can enhance learning and can create collaborative learning environment.

Educational Videos: The lecture video of the faculties can be shared among the learners and can contribute to effective learning in the form of ease of access, flexible learning time, and can be a great help to learners to revise the topic.

Social Media: Social media platforms can also be used to disseminate learning resources in the form of subject related articles, case studies, research papers, role play etc.

Live Video sessions with the facility of teacher-learner interaction: Live video sessions with the teacher-learner interaction are increasingly used for professional courses, where a large number of learners in distant locations can take advantage of the lecture(s) by the expert on the subject area.

In the developing and emerging economies, with a limitation of resources, the concept of distance education and electronic or e-teaching and e-learning is useful for people residing at distant places with limited educational resources and facilities. Electronic-learning also offers immense benefits in the form of being supplementary or in addition to classroom teaching, flexible timing for learning, ease of access to the learning resources, and wide reach, even to remote and distant places deprived of adequate educational resources.

The adoption of electronic medium of communication in education, be it educational online resources like study material, lecture videos, subject related article(s), case studies, research papers, assignments, projects, collaborative learning is going to revolutionize the education industry, educational pedagogy and lead to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for the teacher(s) and learners and benefit other stakeholders with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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