Tips and suggestion for finding the right marriage counselor

For couples seeking marital counseling, it is necessary to know the tips & suggestions for finding the right marriage counselor.

Marriage counseling typically involves a finite number of sessions between the professional and both partners. During these sessions, the marriage counselor will help the couple identify the cause or causes of their problem or problems—for example, finances, children, infertility, sex, anger, grief, adultery, drugs or substance abuse.

Marriage counseling is a professional help which is required by partners to sort out their issues and problems they are facing in their married life. The cases of marital counseling are increasing in India so there is a need of a trained marriage counselor to deal with their issues. This area is very sensitive, even a small slip can cause significant conflict between the couple.  So, it becomes essential to visit a trained marriage counselor to work in this area.

As a neutral third party, the marriage counselor provides a valuable perspective on the relationship and a range of strategies and options that each partner can use to move past their problems.

Tips and suggestions for a right counselor:

  • While selecting a counselor we have to see the kind of work the counselor is specialized in, many of the therapists are specialized in individual counseling and marital counseling.
  • We have to focus on counselor's working model is used during session by a counselor.  When going for marital work, what is needed is to learn the skills to work together with a couple. 
  • The person who is doing marriage counseling needs to have social & communication skills. In the initial sessions the client may not be comfortable, as he/she doesn't know the marriage counselor. Good communication skills can make the person feel comfortable and it will also be easier to form rapport with the person.
  • The most important skill is empathy.  A good marriage counselor is one who is able to empathize with a wide variety of people, understanding their choices and feelings even if, as a therapist, you do not agree with them. The marriage counselor should have the skill of identifying with the circumstances and or experiences faced by both the partners.
  • The marital counselor should be non-judgmental, genuine, active listener & welcoming person.
  • Setting Boundaries in therapeutic relationship is another important skill. Marriage Counselors must be able to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with the people they help in treatment.
  • Decisive Thinking & Scientific approach is another important area that a marriage counselor needs to focus on.  A Marriage Counselor who can help clients try several different proven strategies is much more likely to be effective.
  • The marriage counselor needs to be flexible for healthy outcome in therapy.

The above mentioned tips & suggestions for finding the right marriage counselor play a significant role in bringing long lasting changes.

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