Tips to Choose the right course for graduation!

It is the time to give a big relax to your studies and stay cool, have fun. Let's get on to the article.

Have lots and lots of fun in these holidays. Besides, plan something that could benefit your future. 

Do something different:- 

Try to do something different that you haven't done before. Don't waste your time by watching the reruns in front of the T.V.  Some interesting ideas are Play a sport that you like, Explore the area of wilderness, Do Exercises daily, Meditate, walk and make yourself strong.  

An important time period for those who have completed 12th std. Yeah it's a time to decide the right course for their graduation.

Don't get confused and never keep on worrying about the same. Remember that the stream you have chosen in 12th itself is based on your area of interest and goal.

The course categories according to the current trend are Arts, science, management, medical, engineering, commerce, law, chartered accountancy (CA), cost accountancy, Accounting Technician Course (ATC), architecture, fashion designing, journalism, nursing and other professional courses such as photography, animation, hotel management etc..,

Now you have known about the courses available, now it is your part to decide the course that is suitable for you. Keep in mind that each and every course has its unique value.

Let us discuss according to the stream you have studied in your 12th STD:-

If you have studied science stream then you can choose medicine, pharmacy, science research, forensic science, bio technology, geology, zoology, food technology, microbiology etc..,

If you have studied physics, chemistry, maths and computer stream then you can choose engineering, IT & computer science, architecture and so on.

Studying engineering has become a fashion nowadays where students study without knowing the real value. It is where science is applied practically. Wide range of courses are available in Engineering such as mechanical, electrical, electronic & instrumentation, civil, aerospace, nuclear, structural, bio medical, chemical, computer, industrial, environmental, automotive, industrial, maritime, materials, mining and manufacturing and so on. If you have passion in engineering then choose the preferable course in it where you can apply your practical skill and start your engineering career journey.

If you have studied arts and commerce stream then there are wide range of courses available such as B.Com, BA, BBM, BBA, humanities, management, mass communication, fashion designing, journalism, tourism, foreign language and so on or you can select diploma or certificate courses such as Taxation, Applied Managerial Economics, Accounting, Banking and Insurance, Micro Finance, Stock Market etc..,

Analyze these courses, assure the scope it offers for your career and then decide the course that suits your career goal.

Wish you all the best!

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