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Rudolph Goclenius was the German scholastic philosopher who is known for conceiving the term "psychology" in 1590s. The word psychology comes from the Greek word psyche, which means "soul" or "spirit." Earlier, psychology was also considered as study of the soul. Until the end of the 19th century, psychology was considered to be a part of philosophy. Psychology as both an art and a science studies the individual, family and the society with the aim of understanding the mental functions and specific behaviors which are hard to explain. From the branches of Psychology, 3 main types are following.

Abnormal Psychology: Studies of patterns behaviors, emotions, and thoughts those are not usual.

Biological Psychology: The use of biological principles in the studies of genetic, physiological, and developmental behavioral patterns in both human beings and animals.

Counseling Psychology: Research in several broad categories including the process of counseling, its outcome, supervision & training, development in career & counseling, and health & prevention.

Human Psychology:
There are many misconceptions formed by television and movies, but the basic answer is that the academic and applied science of reading human nature is called as human psychology. Follow a line of investigation in psychology request to understand and explain human thought, emotion, and behavior. There are many types divided in human psychology and studied through different courses.

It is extremely essential to have a strong learning capability for a career as a psychologist. In order to become successful psychologist you'll need to choose psychology degrees offered by the best accredited universities. Choosing a career course is said to be tough decisions of life and once you've taken you decision, you'll have to carry your studies with giving full efforts. Below are the leading universities that provide best online psychology graduate programs

• Stanford University

• University of Phoenix

• Ashford University

There are several other institutions which also provide courses for psychology.

Positive psychology:
Human behavior is the most complex behavior in the world, it is really hard to know by the actions of particular person, what does he/she exactly wants or have in mind. Keeping your mind positive will make lot of thing work. People find themselves in condition of nervousness and low confidence because they are afraid of the possible negative results. The positive person will come forward and at least give his try to give his best. This positive mental attitude is very useful in facing odd situation. People feel most nervous at the time of their job interview, it's a very important chance of their life and they are afraid of the possible negative situation.

Positive psychology helps people to understand the positive side of situations and make them self confident by putting them in different conditions and making their mind positive and inspired by different examples and studies. This is just an overview of psychology study of human behavior; deeper studies are delivered at the time of courses, so that mind of a normal feared person can be turned into strong and confident person. There are individual courses available for people who feel low confident and feel nervous at the time of their interview and hard times. The only thing which is required to win the world of difficulties is having the right confidence.
The study of psychology is the first step when you start becoming a person who can understand the nature and thinking of normal human being just by his moments and views on some topic.

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