Ways in Dealing with Insecure & Difficult Person

I remember when I was still a very little kid, I used to play with other children around our community, and we played like we already knew each others. I did a lot of childhood memories, unlimited friends and unforgettable experience. Hence, this typical kind of memories mostly experience in every child in their childhood days.

Furthermore, as we grow older in this bizarre environment which in every country in this world has its own culture, way of life, technology and development, experiencing, socializing and encountering harsh, difficult & insecure people is unavoidable. Probably, the only solution is to admit the reality of life and to go with the flow.

In this article I will share my ideas on how to engage in dealing with difficult insecure people. As a way of life even the most successful people have insecurities also. "Live and let go" solution is one important technique. This technique surpasses most situations, it is sad to say that even your family members, friends, co-workers and whoever, it will be possible to get insecure with what you have obtained and accomplished in life.

More surprisingly, common event beyond our expectation. Live and let go solution can be easily done. Here's an example; when you are about to encounter people whom you've feel insecure with you. Try to avoid these people, ignore them as if they don't exist or just make a simple smile then evaporate yourself in area. Being in their presence for long time can destruct your mood, it is advisable to stay away with them.

Fake your personality is relatively useful and effective idea. Here is the situation, in some case wherein you will have to be with these insecure people in long period of time, learn to fake yourself with them, the tactics "smile and reply" these people will act like interested to you like talking and asking some questions or open a topic, but intentionally they will only take motives to squeeze you until they will have much of your attention. It is dangerous when you got carried away. Better avoid long conversation.

Divert your attention – Here is one good example, if these insecure people are some of your co-workers, and most probably you are with them during long period of time. Divert your attention instead of listening to them, focus yourself in meditation, think of some happy and beautiful imaginary scenes that will relax your mind.

Possibly, people who do you think are insecure with you are jealous or envy with your achievement and success in life, it is close to impossible for these type of people to stop. Being yourself and continue doing things that make you even more successful. Remember "All are unique individual".

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