What is happiness to me

My first day comes up with " What is happiness ?" , I found " Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being.." from wikipedia . But the question is how a mental function measure the degree of its own mental state. Everybody grows up from a child who has very little of surrounding environment experience , and he /she day by day have his/her mental state widen from one end of happiness to the other. This means everybody has different happiness measurement. For me, today is the happiest day of my life but what will happen tomorrow ? . For almost all of us , I means included myself , I think we need more for tomorrow.

The idea of happiest place to live on several newspapers is not quite right for logical thinker ,  something personal and inner state can not be compared. It is the perceive of each human being. It is true that the environment surrounding us helps easing state of mind , but still if you are upset about something not physically, how could you stop your little voice just by living in the " happiest place ". People living in the happiest place is happier than others ? the answer , you know , it is NO. I know my happiness but I cant bring it out and put it on a balance to compare with you. My god "NO".

So how to be happiest inside ? My suggestion is inner acceptance . One should accept that happy is for now , not the pass neither future,  and treasure it. Something on your skin, some movement in your stomach when you hear a very small piece of good news, that is happiness. Don't negotiate with your little voice about future progress , treasure it now ( I mean right now ). Why wait ?. Like my little child who always ask me how many days more to her birthday party, each time I have a smaller number ofcourse and she is very happy.

I do see happiness transmit from person to person, so after you have your own happiness please share it to others. Believe me, you don't need any words , but just by sitting beside , a little hug, a smile their mind will read it from yours. In reverse, People usually have to many prejudices that cover all up their eyes , and they even don't know and accept it. Only by accept that you have your own beautiful prejudice glasses , you can rent somewhere else another glasses to accept the happiness transmitted from others.

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