Women Empowerment Through National digital literacy mission

Women are considered to be low physically as well as mentally in our country by most of the uneducated people. To overcome such negative thoughts of them our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken steps to digitalize the women of our country. It is usually said that when we educate a girl, we not only educate her but we educate two families, that is, were she born and after marriage where she goes.

It has become very difficult for such women to survive in present environment. Through NDLM government is trying to help such women. It is a 20 hours course or we can say a 10 days course which is provided to them and the plus point is that this course is not chargeable. It means on one hand you are getting digitally literate on the other you don't have to worry about paying fee.

There are various benefits of NDLM for women, some of which are mentioned below:

No need to be standing in queue for refilling gas cylinder- Today at many rural or even in urban areas women are forced to refill the cylinder while standing in a line. But when she completes this 10 days course, she is able to book domestic cylinder for her through internet. Now, she doesn't have to wait for her number to get her cylinder refilled.
Shopping varieties at its cheap cost through online- We see shopkeeper always makes fool to such ladies who are not aware of the type of product, its actual price and so on. Even such ladies are having a smart phone they don't know it's more uses excluding making and receiving calls. Once they join NDLM course they will learn that their cell phone is not only for calling purpose but they can shop through it. They can order clothes of their interest at their manageable price. They don't have to move around their street for whole day to just purchase a cloth or some other product. They only need to search from their cell phone, choose the item and then just have to place order. The product will be at their door within one or two days.
Protection of oneself- In this course it is also taught that how you can protect yourself when you are in trouble. Once you know to use different technologies you can protect yourself easily. As if someone is trying to misbehave with you then if you know about some apps, install protection apps and then you can use such apps at that moment.
What you learn you can teach others- If a woman or a girl is digitally get educated in a family then that family is the one who is going   to have benefit. It is so because when she gets educated then she is able to run her house more smoothly now, she can help her children in studies.
Knowledge of social networking- Social networking is the latest platform to make you known to others. You can share your thoughts and views through many of social networking sites. Even you can see your dear ones who are working out of nation through internet apps. It will be very easy to talk  with them face to face through video calls .You can even chat with them even when you are not able to make video calls.
Being up to date- As we all know fashion is one of the most important part of a women life. But those who are educated or those who know to run different latest technologies for them being up to date is so easy but what about them who are unaware of this fact. Once you join ndlm classes you will be taught about different apps and also how to search your queries through various search engines.
Hence, we can say ndlm makes a tame girl, a girl full of confident and who is walking along with this generation.
This is one of most encouraging vision of our government of India.

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