What music has to offer

What Qualities In Music Make Good Music?
What has music to offer? 
Qualities of a Good Song

Between the poles of human auditory physiology, sociocultural factors, musical socialization and scene-specific modes music must meet many requirements:
• Voltage / / Relaxation
• Familiar and familiar / / Surprising and new
• ecstasy / / control
• intimacy / / Party
• Auto search / / Camouflage
• cohesion / / definition
• Dedication / / Company Overview
• Confirmation / / uncertainty
• Mesh / / distraction
• Focused perception / / soundscape

The band
In pop history, there are successful examples of all possible band ensembles. Reduced occupations offer the individual instrumentalists greater opportunities to be present as a player. Larger Ensembles need more complex arrangements.
The contribution of each instrument should be essential for the band sound and represent the compositions effectively. There is a simple method to check this: Only the lead vocals and accompanying instruments playing the song and comparing the effect with that of the full band sound. If the win is not unique, all the instrumental parts to the test.
The measure of technical standards shall be each band by the stylistics of her repertoire itself.
The collected listening experiences of the band members and their practical skills forming raw material and the horizon of the possible stylistic experiments. We attract bands to see this field of experimentation as an opportunity, that is, rather courageously try unusual combinations. Even coincidences can sometimes lead to the special features that do not come through careful planning about. The moment of genius incident must however can perceive. New does not arise in any event by repeating the test results on the other.
A reliable formula for a balanced band chemistry there are not. The livelihood of a band is acting internally and externally cohesion. Creative, communicative, interpretive and organizational energy must be released and bundled to bring the band successfully. Each member will have to find its space in the band structure depending on his personal skills. In a band that wants to remain viable for a long time, everyone must be able to withstand its position. The creative and commercial success of a band do not necessarily represent the personal happiness of the individual band member himself.
Each band is depending on their level of development at different levels need very different, tailored to them impetus. The goal is to produce a clearly identifiable, artistic result of a constellation of creative minds. For interesting compositions and lyrics are of course a prerequisite.
The repertoire
The repertoire of a band can be large or small, it groups more accessible to a few core pieces that are perceived by the band as those who come to their style and vision closest. The fundus of compositions and fragments that are stored in drawers and will not be initially introduced may be much larger. The individual musicians may not have made compatible stylistic worlds their musical experience (as they think) and can not imagine the new style associated their old ideas. But that potential earlier brainstorms should not be underestimated. Musical phrases can often be reinterpreted for new stylistic world. Also it is an opportunity for originality.
The will to own style is of course essential. We recommend in any case, be possible not remotely of dogmas and ungebetenem Consulting and to block. A coherent repertoire needs a certain maturation period and urgent feedback from an audience that can respond live on it. In any case, repertoire and band personality must reinforce each other positively.

The arrangement
Under Arrangement we understand the ordering of all inter-related, musical events within a piece. you can start with:
• structure, sequence of parts
• repetition and variation
• Dynamics and Density
• Instrumentation
• sounds and frequencies
• Voice guidance
• Coupling and decoupling of votes
• harmonization
• rhythm and Breaks
• motifs and riffs
The arrangement is intended to strengthen the composition and meaning of the text message and can be displayed in a special light. Through the arrangement, the musical image of the band is heavily determined.
An excited by music mood can be maintained at its intensity level only if neither overstimulation still underuse occur.

The production
Various Artists profiles require different approaches to production.
• A well-established acoustic formation, by a live feed 1: 1 mapping, if the desired mixing ratio is prepared in the room by natural acoustic dynamic (eg classical ensembles, orchestras and big bands, jazz combos and folk groups).
• When rock bands with electrically amplified instruments the desired mixing ratio is not in the room to produce, thus always arises as an art product (vocals and acoustic instruments need for additional gain or separate recording rooms).
• An individual artist may either as a soloist, who accompanies himself, or with a band of studio musicians are taken or there is a playback for him produced. The musical and aural elements of which the playback is assembled, define the style of the production. The variations in the combination of agents are theoretically unlimited. tested samples from the rock pop history to be practically u. offering that may arise through interesting combinations, variations and own interpretations new.
In production, the musical and technical implementation of the style idea enforces ongoing detailed decisions on the following levels: instrumentation, arrangement, rhythm (Groove) recording technique, sound, personal expression, interpretation and mixing ratios.

The producer
The artist will want to offer a desired audience that shares an intersection of sense of style and listening habits with him and he will choose the producers, which he trusts to reach this audience.
The producer with its specific experience for certain style -and expressions and their technical implementation methods must be able to assess the means by which the artist can reach its destination. This requires both empathy in the mind of the artist as well as sensitivity to the chemistry of the audience reactions and of course a current creative constitution. The real audience can not deviate from the surprisingly featured audience later.
The ideal complement and reinforce producer with his musical, craft and communication skills, the creative range of the artist.
We like to go on the assumption that a production in which each actor has the feeling of being approached close to him, has the potential to inspire an audience.
The producer has to be distinguished in the function, the essential from the superfluous material from the tried, Nice from Nice, so truth from falsehood.

The type of producer
The rehearsed, 1: 1 male band needs first of all a good engineer-producer, which checks the signals offered on their consistency and then is with the right technique, choice sound and effective space. Unlike live recordings of sound engineer-producer has to create the right for each piece band sound before the recording process by selecting the appropriate spaces, placement and tuning of all instruments and amplifiers.
Also by the choice of recording technology style-defining decisions. Furthermore, determine all creative intervention in the signal chain, the aesthetics and style of production and are therefore conscious, artistic decisions.
A band with good ideas but not yet fully arrangements needs an accomplished music director. This is usually even his instrumentalist and offer imagination for arrangements and instrumentation.
Even a single artist without fellow, the one band sound for its production wants, needs the music director. This need for having the gift to create the right studio musician for the desired band sound and prepare the sessions and conduct.
Programmed playback for individual artists or formations require proficient with software and synthetic sound generators. The programmer-producer must either can manufacture all levels of the instrumentation itself or distribute them in various creative suppliers (groove and bass programmer, keyboardist, arranger, sound designer, mixer). All conceivable mixed forms of requirements and skills of producers are found in practice. Ideally, the team of producer and artist developed a fruitful, creative momentum.

Artists and audiences
Pop music is like all performing arts a form of game.
Even if the performer personal experiences feelings expresses the original creation, he accomplishes this I-sensation when receiving, at a concert or on the show to. Language, content, narration, performance and aesthetic concept to be presented by the artist so that they can be perceived by the public as authentic.
Word choice, regional or scene-specific dialects and idioms, images and adventure, confessions and statements, gestures, facial expressions, choreography, costumes, styling, the design of instruments and backdrops for stage and media and of course the music found in the minds of the public image of the artist.
It always goes to pattern sexual advances. The spectator compares text, style, behavioural repertoire and external appearance of the artist with information from his personal and scene-bound horizons and distributed after his sympathies. New and unusual only has a chance if it is on one hand attractive and surprising for the receiver and can be integrated into other, his world of experience. Each disagreement on Go or No Go decision.
The artist or the band and all the elements of their presentation are perceived by the majority of the audience as a whole and not its analytically divided into individual action levels. An antipathy to a single component of the performance can lead to reject the Acts.
Artistic work remains a risk business.

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